Headset dilemma?

My headset broke for quite some time ago and I haven’t replaced them yet, so today I figured I could use my extra minutes to search for a new set. After some quick browsing I felt like I didn’t have to look much more. I have already decided to choose between two brands: HappyPlugs, which would replace my old HappyPlugs or Koss. I’ve used Koss before and I absolutely loved them, but I switched to HappyPlugs because of two reasons. Firstly, because Koss back then didn’t have the PortaPros with microphones, and second because HappyPlugs came in radiant (and obviously happy) colors.

I’ll most likely go with the green ones again, because I love the radiance in them :) also because green is a calming color

I didn’t really find a need for a new headset, but lately, I have missed spacing out to good music. I really can’t choose which ones to buy, both are great. Koss are slightly better given their lifetime guarantee, but HappyPlugs are small and fit anywhere. I’ll probably decide on the Koss, at least it feels like that now. Time will tell, what do you guys think?

The Koss PortaPro with microphone. It comes in red, too, but I feel that blue is a bit nicer :P

//c_Cae; all the choices!


2 responses to “Headset dilemma?

  1. Dear Caely,

    From a comfort standpoint I’d go with the Koss. ;) They’re always good sound quality. Now aren’t you glad you asked?



    • Dear R,

      I’m leaning toward the Koss too, although they do ‘leak’ a lot of sound to the surroundings.
      Super-happy I asked, for once, I get feedback :) Thanks, R.

      Lots of love,

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