New addiction

When I did my B.Sc (why, oh why does that feel like it was a million years ago?), a frequent topic at the lab was TV series. Between the many times we ranted about the poorly written ending of How I Met Your Mother and who dies next on Game of Thrones, we also suggested what other series were worth watching. One series was mentioned far many times than others, and just a few days ago I started watching it. I’m talking about House of Cards, and I’m absolutely loving it, despite having only watched six episodes. I really hope it keeps up to its standards.

I think it’s also helping me find my track back to what I want with my life. I’ve been struggling a lot about my career choices, and even though I decided to shun the councillor’s words, they still stuck to the back of my head. But as I progress in the world of House of Cards, it reminds me of how relentless I should be when trying to achieve a dream. I wanna go somewhere, I wanna grab that dream and make it reality, and so I should definitely be relentless about it. If I’m not, how am I gonna achieve anything? And I must admit, Spacey is doing a great job as Frank and that confidence is rubbing off.

How I really should be looking at my obstacles.

I also really wanna write something about the election that concluded yesterday, but to be honest, it’s all a blur in my head. Yes, there are some disappointments, but given a new regime shift, there should also be given a new chance. Maybe not for the better, but I definitely hope that history will not repeat itself. I’ll leave it at that for now. We’ll see if I can muster out something that makes sense about it all.

Oh, as for the Undergraduate Awards, I haven’t heard anything from them so I guess I didn’t win. But I’m glad I tried :)

//c_Cae; to study or watch more House of Cards…


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