Wow. I have really no idea where time has flown. It feels like it was just transitioning from August to September and the new semester was about to start. Now, we’re one week from the final exam in limnology and I really have no clue where that time has gone.

I know I didn’t update on purpose after the course started, mostly because I was dreaded for the five day field trip in Aneboda. I couldn’t help but feel like I was an awful person for leaving my family behind, and I felt even worse when I realized I wouldn’t be a present mother for 5 days. I’d be a 3 hour drive away from my precious family, and it took a whole lot of mental energy from me. Unnecessary energy, that is. Once I was on the field trip, I laughed until my cheeks hurt. I was out in the field, doing something new, doing something that I’ve never really felt comfortable with (i.e. freshwater stuff). Many great memories were made, and that’s brilliant. And yes, I still FaceTime’d my precious ones every day whenever I got the chance.

One of the lakes we sampled :)

One of the lakes we sampled :)

Our dining hall :)

Our dining hall :)

The house a few of us called home during the week.

The house a few of us called home during the week.

Hardworking team mates and a hardly working me :P

Hardworking team mates and a hardly working me :P

I wanted to take more pictures, only it was raining cats and dogs all days except one while we were there. Despite many incidents that included a lot of waiting (something that was none of our forte in the group), we still had happy faces.

Our group was also subject to a few interviews, including a tv clip since the limnology class was celebrating 100 years at the field station. We started thinking our supervisor was training us for future media appearances, haha. I’m not gonna link to any of the interviews we did, because to be honest, none of us were very proud of them even if our supervisors were.

//c_Cae; kind of excited to prepare for the field trip study presentation~ 


4 responses to “Breather

  1. Dear Caely,

    it’s a balancing act isn’t it? I think it’s wonderful you’re able to pursue your passion. Facetime and Skype are wonderful inventions…the science fiction of my youth.
    I smile at the image of you laughing until your cheeks hurt.
    You have such a future ahead of you. I’m enjoying watching Caely in the making.



    • Dearest R,

      it is! I think that trip only made me stronger despite the uncomfortable feelings I hade prior to it.
      A lot is science fiction to many these days. At least I’d like to believe so. I mean, who would’ve thought that the mixtape would be replaced by streaming? Or searching for information no longer require you to dive into piles of books at the library?

      I love your words, never stop.
      Lots of love,

  2. Dear Caely,

    Post the interviews. Inquiring minds want to hear your voice and see you in your element.



    • My most faithful reader and dear friend,

      I’d love to post them, however they are in Swedish. One interview is written, while the other is video. I guess, with approval of my group mates (and the writing journalist), I could translate it and post it here :)

      Still loving every word you write me.

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