Something invaluable

I don’t know how, but I remember this was at least five years ago, when I stumbled upon a blog. I think I had just recently moved to wordpress after goofing around at livejournal and blogspot. I think even that it was blogspot that brought me there.

So, I found this entry of a blog that seemed dreamy. The pictures were of islands and the ocean. That must have caught my attention. I started reading the very first post, and I couldn’t help but find myself lost, so I backtracked to the very first entry of that blog and started reading. I read a lot, and not much makes me want to read more and more, especially not from one single author. But this one was different, it was as if I was actually there. As if I was some kind of spectator in this beautiful Faroese world the author had created. When I had finished all the posts, it baffled me that the author hadn’t posted for a while. I kept visiting in hopes of new posts, but nothing really came. So after a while of lurking, I took the initiative and wrote to this author. I couldn’t get enough of this story, I really wanted more. I don’t remember what I wrote, but I know I wanted him to write some more. It took a few days, and I had never thought of a reply, but he replied!

Ever since, we’ve been talking ever so often, he even got me into writing short stories for this little charming crew known as Friday Fictioneers. I got great response but my plate kept growing fuller and fuller, and eventually I could only follow my fellow Fictioneers. He helped open up a whole new world for me, and most of all, he inspires me for every word he writes me. I have yet to call you by name, since I feel so much respect for you, I can’t bring myself to do it.

What I really want to say, is that I’m really happy for your success and the screenplay of Pilot Whale Fog. I’m sincerely happy for you, D, it’s your time to shine so shine on bright. I’ll watch, even if it’s blinding. Baffle us with your brilliance, I’ll look forward to it.

Lots of love,



4 responses to “Something invaluable

  1. Dearest Caely,

    You are such a sweet miracle of a friend. Your comment is one of the nicest I’ve ever received anywhere and makes me want to fly to Sweden to hug you until you fit into my carry-on bag and take you back to Hawaii with me. (As Zoe and the Dutchman will probably have a problem with this I will simply say thank you so much for your encouragement and support through the years.) You are the scientist I never became and it has been fun watching your journey. Keep shining and I will meet you one day when you least expect it. Thank you for such a lovely post. I am over the moon and smiling.




    P.S. The world needs you…more specifically, the oceans need you. Stay strong, stay focused and stay in touch. I love you, C. Yours, D.

    • Dear D,

      I think that a very important to learn that appreciation is our greatest need, and what friend would I be if I could enjoy your words but not your success? Besides, you’re important to me :) Feel free to tuck me in a carry-on and bring me to Hawaii, I bet the Dutchman and Zoe would follow soon after.

      Lots and lots of love,

      PS. I might have a surprise coming your way soon <3

  2. Dear Cae,

    He has that way about him, doesn’t he? I found him through Friday Fictioneers, said ‘hi’ one early morning on Facebook and stumbled onto one of the most fascinating and close friendships of my lifetime. It’s like a whole new world opened up to me. It started with his writing. He stood out from the other writers.

    I’m happy to have both of you in my life as a result. New worlds, new thoughts and dear friends-one I’ve had the pleasure of meeting face to face and one I hope to.

    Beautiful post, Cae. You brought tears to my eyes.

    Love and Shalom,


    • Dear R.

      Indeed he has… I think Friday Fictioneers brought a bunch of wonderful people into my life, and the two of you have become very important people in my life. I’m forever thankful for the odd friendship we share.

      We’ll meet one day, I’m sure! Thanks for reading <3


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