Slight change of plans

When I wrote yesterday’s post, I was still at the university, and had just finished one meeting for one mini. Shortly thereafter, I got a mail that said my project proposal (yes, I wrote one) was brilliant, but my time shouldn’t be wasted on it because of the simple fact that the supervisor I’ve chosen to that mini just published an article in that very subject a few days ago. She told me she’d get back to me once she had figured something else out, and she did. She proposed I could work for her in her lab, culturing her really cool algae populations! I was over the moon about it and accepted the offer. So during the few weeks to come, I’ll be learning all there is to know about culturing algae and extracting DNA (is cooler than it sounds like, believe it or not). The DNA-extraction is something I’ve done but only during my first year of training, so I’m super-rusty, but I bet I’ll do fine!

This mini that was thought to last a few months, turned out to become a job that will last for the rest of next year. On top of that, I’ll get properly paid and will gain lots of experience. This is super-cool!

//c_Cae; wondering if it would take long to learn to edit videos :O 



2 responses to “Slight change of plans

  1. Dear Caely,

    I’m doing a happy dance for you. To be doing something you love and get paid…priceless!

    Much love and shalom,


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