Another Monday

I overslept for the first time ever today. Instead of panicking and stressing, I decided to get Zoe to day care ASAP, and then study my brains out. I guess it technically means I skipped class but I feel like I’ll get a lot more done if I stay home and study instead of trying hard to keep myself awake at the lecture.

I’m sorry for the low update lately. Last week as turbulent with many let-downs and a birthday party for the little one. She has discovered the art of opening presents and now thinks that everything enveloped in pretty paper is hers to open. We find it hilarious, and so does she, but I’m guessing she has no idea why her parents are smiling like fools when they have no presents to open, haha. Dork parents (but we love it).

I’ve also spent a lot of time in the lab working. I started working with the cold species from Antartica and it freaks me out every time I take them out of the incubator. Since they’re sensitive to high temperatures (optimum is 4°C), it makes me want to work real fast when transferring to new bottles in room temperature. I also talked to Karin (my lab supervisor) about it and she keeps stressing about that one of the other algae species that I’ll care for, are about 290 cultures. The amount freaks her out, but it makes me excited. I really must enjoy this, haha.

I made a video of the incubation rooms, but WP won’t let me upload it. I’ll take pictures the next time I work so you guys get to see it :)
Nothing much has happened since last post, so I’ll wrap this up and try not to play video games instead of studying.

//c_Cae; it came to my attention that I almost never complain about how tired I am ;O



6 responses to “Another Monday

  1. Dearest Caely,

    No need to apologize for lack of updates. You have a lot on your plate beside Gravlax. ;) You overslept because your body needed it. It’s hard when you’re going in so many directions to allow yourself time as a human being rather than a human doing. Be gentle with yourself, sweet Cae.

    I smile at the image of little Zoe thinking that every pretty wrapped package is hers. I remember going through that with the boys.

    I’ll admit that all I know about algae is that it’s collecting in our aquarium. I’m looking forward to seeing your pictures.

    Love and Shalom,


    • Dear R,

      Thanks, but I still worry because that’s how I share my days with you :)
      Oooh, I had gravlax the other day for lunch and thought of you!

      Zoe gives me the wrapping once she’s torn them apart, good girl she is :) I’ll have to catch it on tape next time.

      Algae are cool, but luckily I don’t do a lot of microscoping. It’s very strenuous on the eyes, although many species are very pretty.


  2. Dearest Cae,

    Though you have a lot going on, remember to take pictures and jot down notes. You be so happy thirty years from now.

    A daughter of a good friend of mine just got her Doctorate in Marine Biology at age 41. Yours will come sooner.

    Keep at it, but don’t forget to continue to cultivate the fine and necessary art of sleeping late.

    Love you.



    • Dear D,

      Your words echo in my head. It’s hard imagining a happier me than the current me is. Everything is precious, especially family and friends. Knowing I have the lot of you in my life is greater than any thing I have ever dreamed of.

      Better late than never regarding dreams, besides the oceans need us more than ever. And I promise, I’ll work on being a sleepy-head :)

      Love you, too.


      PS. Have you gotten your slow mail yet? DS.

  3. Dear Cae,

    I’m up on the hill now but will check as soon as I get to thicker air.

    Thanks in advance.



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