Taking care of the little one

Zoe seems to have caught a cold. I decided to let her be home today because of it. I just made her some hot water with a teeny bit of honey, and she promptly shared it with me although she knows I made it for her. Sweet child.

Normally, she’s like her father, very warm. I’m the cold one in our family, I’m always cold and can’t help but wrap myself in my many blankets. The Dutchman and Zoe, however, are always really warm. But today, she was cold and that was basically my cue for her to stay home although I really wanted to attend today’s lecture.

Tomorrow, I have an appointment with a specialist doctor. After my sprained ankle refused to get better, I went to see my doctor and she redirected me to X-ray. Obviously, something was off on the X-ray, which is why I’m being sent to the university hospital. I’m really curious of what they’ll say. Don’t know if I shared this, but in July, I went to the care centre and the bitter old ladies there told me it’ll only get worse as I age. My immediate reaction was: please, you’re not rubbing that off on me. I left and hoped for my doctor to return from her vacation.

What is annoying though, is that I’ll miss the hydrogeology lecture. I was really looking forward to it :( But since the hospital gave me wrong numbers (I know, right?) and then decided to hang up on me several times once I got the correct number, I just gave up on changing the appointment. Again, we’ll see what they’ll say…

Here’s a little gem from Zoe’s daycare. She really wanted me to see this one :)

Zoe and MacKaylor, who always gives me a hug when I'm there. Sweetest little ones :)

Zoe and MacKaylor, who always gives me a hug when I’m there. Sweetest little ones :)

//c_Cae; getting sleepier and sleepier…


2 responses to “Taking care of the little one

  1. Dear Caely,

    With the many miles between us, I can rest assured Zoe didn’t catch her cold from me ;) But we are both home today. Unfortunately daycare centers are germ factories.

    Sorry about your ankle and, you’re right, don’t listen to the old biddies. At any rate, keep us posted.

    Cute picture. Thank you for sharing.

    Love and shalom,


    • Dearest R,

      It’s only good she has her mom to take care of her. I wouldn’t blame you for it anyway :)

      Hopefully, I’ll get a decent answer tomorrow. Afterall, I am aiming to run a half marathon in the not so distant future. I’ll post when I know!

      Lots of love,

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