They say there’s a storm coming our way today. At its peak, it’ll hit 25m/s, and it’s predicted to arrive to where I am around three. What’s worrying me is that I have a lot of lab work to do and the autoclave just gave in to my bidding. Now I have to wait for another hour before I can even start working. What’s more disturbing is that I might not even get home if the storm gets worse and the buses are cancelled. Fingers crossed!

//c_Cae; reading articles to kill time…


3 responses to “Stormy

  1. Dear Caely,

    If the busses are cancelled, take a taxi. It will be worth it. Stay safe and good luck, adventure girl.



    P.S. Nothing in the mail yet. You are sweet to me. Love, D.

    • Dear D,

      They weren’t cancelled! I got home just fine, it wasn’t even windy (not to my standards at least, that is around ~10m/s)….


      PS. I’m worried the USPS lost it or something…

  2. Wouldn’t be the first time, but I’ll bet it makes it. Thanks, D.

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