What storm?

Apparently, I missed the worst part of it. I got home safely, although being very tired from all the DNA extractions. It was so much fun doing all of that again. I really am where I belong, at least at the moment.

I should go to bed, only I’m still full from the dinner the Dutchman left for me. Such precious thing to come home to home-made food and a warm home. Too bad Zoe was asleep already. Who can blame her? After all, she got up early this morning and I didn’t come home until 11pm. I’ll make it up to her tomorrow.

//c_Cae; totally dumping MS Word for Pages any day now…


3 responses to “What storm?

  1. Dear Caely,

    i’m glad you’re safe. Sleep now and wake to beauty.



  2. Dear Caely,

    It seems I missed three entries. Sorry. I’ve been ill and in the midst of a sort of storm of the emotional nature here.

    I agree with Doug. Do the physical therapy like it’s your only hope.

    Glad you’re safe. Card soon to be in the mail.

    Love and shalom,


    • Dear R,

      That’s alright, I was pretty good at updating as well. Besides, taking care of yourself is way more important, my posts will still be here when you’ve beaten the cold :)

      I’m still picking out your cards! Feel a little stressed now :( Sucks to be so picky at times.


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