Lots of writing

When I procrastinate, I tend to do the things that are less prioritized on my to-do list. For example, I have an exam on Thursday, but instead of studying for it, I am writing my project plan for my Master’s thesis.

It’s only because I think my MSc is a whole lot more fun than geology. Geology is interesting, but it has nothing on me if I get to choose between the ocean and geology. So, as of now, I’ve almost doodled 700 words for my one year project. I love it already, but there are many bits and pieces that still need fit in there. I really hope to impress my supervisor, although just the other day, he just came up to me and told me I’m super-ambitious. I’m being praised, although I feel like I haven’t shown people what I’m really made of. Time will, though, so I don’t worry. I’m just amazed (and incredibly thankful) that I get to work with such great people.

Did I tell you guys what I’m going to do?

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 7.15.09 pm

//c_Cae; I now have an “office” at the university!


4 responses to “Lots of writing

  1. Dearest Caely,

    Procrastination is the single most insidious enemy I’ve ever had. I have no answers for you, in part because asking me how to deal with procrastination is like asking an arsonist how to put out a fire. I love to watch the world burn…

    Good luck with all that you do. Oh, and one more thing…your teacher is right, you are ambitious, but you are also good, so take your time, nibble away at the procrastination habit and show him that he was right and more.



    • Dear D,

      Well, the fire is beautiful ;)

      Thank you! I’m sure it’ll all turn out okay, as always. I probably won’t procrastinate once the geology course is over, but you never know. As always, I’ll keep your advice close to heart.


  2. Dear Caely,

    If it weren’t for putting things off until the last minute I’d never get anything done. ;)

    I don’t think you’ll stay there for long and your teacher is right. The only “advice” I have is to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

    Love and shalom,


    • Dear R,

      Last minute panic is the best motivator to do things, right?
      Just keep swimming, huh? :)


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