To my friends worldwide

I know we don’t always talk. I know we don’t always get to see each other, and I know we’re probably a few hundred thousand miles away from each other most parts of the year. That doesn’t mean we don’t care for one another. Nor does it mean I don’t think of you.

This year, I’ve really reflected on which ones are my true friends. And I’m really glad I adopted the way of not telling lies. Even the slightest ones like saying I’m fine when I’m not. So this one is for the real friends out there, who I miss everyday. You’re my chosen family.

Happy holidays.

//c_Cae; lots of appreciation here.


4 responses to “To my friends worldwide

  1. Dear Cae,

    Happy to be part of your chosen family as you are part of mine. Hoping your holiday is perfect. You’re a dear person and I consider it a privilege to watch you grow.

    Happy holidays and shalom with much love,


    • Dear R,

      I love how close we’ve grown over the little time we’ve known each other. I really love it, especially when you take time to drop by here.

      Hope Hanukkah was filled with lots of love.

  2. Dearest Caely,

    I’m glad you are in my world and are my family. I am proud and happy to be a part of yours. Also glad you understand that though I appear to be off the radar most of the time, I am here if you ever need anything. And I mean any thing. I’ve been navigating some rocks and shoals in my life and knowing that you understand takes a load off of my mind.

    May 2015 bring you all that you wish for and more.

    I love you dearly, and always.



    • Dear D,

      I’m beyond words to even begin what you’ve grown to mean to me. Life happens when friends don’t talk to each other, and I definitely will not hold it against you. I know you’re there no matter what, and I love that.

      Let’s make 2015 a brilliant year.

      I love you, too. Always.

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