Not so good

I really need to vent this day out. I can’t shake it off and so I’m just gonna blurt it all out.

I forgot my lenses at my parents’ house yesterday so my brother was kind enough to bring them to my place this morning. While I was half-blind, I slept in a little. After lingering a while in bed, I decided to get up and wash my hair. I had intended to do so last night, but it got too late (this will be relevant later, I promise). I unplug my phone and get surprised it only charged to 56% during the whole night and I decide to charge it at the office. My brother finally arrives and we leave my place shortly after I put them on, you know, so I can see.

Already late to my meeting  with my boss, I hurried to her office and we got things started. I got new assignments and responsibilities, but as soon as we got settled in the lab for the practical parts of our meeting, the fire alarm goes off. The whole building evacuates. A security officer was timing us, and we never learned what really happened, if it was just a drill or if it was for real. That took 30 minutes off my day. While out, I remembered that I should backup my thesis files and I decide to do so after lunch. We quickly conclude our meeting and head off to our separate lunch dates. In all of this, I forget to charge my phone.

Once again, I am late but when there I spent a proper amount of time laughing with my friends. I really wish the day just stopped at that moment. We laughed and got jealous of others eating ice cream. We were too full to have it, but still got jealous at others for having it. But we laugh it off and try to make plans for badminton and barbecue. Here’s when my phone battery gives in.

Realizing I was getting late to pick up Zoe, I leave my friends in the sun to hurry back to Malmö. The minute I get out of my office, there’s another fire alarm getting off. Already outside the building, I keep walking toward the bus stop. I  see a bus, don’t know which one it is, and instinctively run toward it. Terrible idea with my sprained ankle that seem to be more swollen for every day (nope, it hasn’t gotten better). Wrong bus. Okay, I thought, now I’m just perfectly in time for the next one.

I pick up a very happy Zoe and since the weather is nice and all, I decided to have frozen yogurt with her. We get on the bus, and it hits me that the driver seem to be in a hurry, so I stand by the stroller in case there’s a sharp turn. Good call. Later, during the same ride, the bus makes a violent left turn and the stroller almost tips over, with Zoe in it. Luckily, I was standing next to it and could catch it in time. Strenuous on my ankle, but at least Zoe was unharmed. I couldn’t say the same for my bag with my computer in it. It slid off the stroller, hit the bus doors and slammed on the bus floor. Driver didn’t even apologize, and I figured yelling at him wouldn’t undo the situation. I hoped nothing is damaged.

Zoe and I get off and she shows off how well her memory is as she shows me what flavors to pick out. She also wanted chocolate but I made a smart deal and switched that out with pear instead. Chocolate is for later, much later. I realize that I was meeting up with my parents but since my phone was dead I had no idea how to reach them. I assumed they would come look for me when they couldn’t call me but they never showed. They knew I where Zoe and I were heading, but no parents in sight. I decide to go check out new phones as my lease is expiring soon. Zoe behaves without a care in the world.

On our way to my parents’, we bump into my dad. He tells me they’ve been looking all over town for us and asks me why I didn’t answer when they called. Simple, my phone needs some loving, I said. I called the Dutchman to assure we were safe. Turns out he had already called daycare and asked if I had been there. From what they said there, he came to the conclusion that my phone was off and worried no more. My parents on the other hand, went all over town looking for us. Sweet.

While walking, a bird thought it was a brilliant idea to do its business on my hair. Great. Now I have to wash it again (see, told you it’d be relevant). And so that was the first thing I did once I got to my parents’ place. All the “ew” doesn’t cover how I felt about it. At least sometime, it has to be the first time, I thought.

I sit down and figure I should work (a lot) with my thesis given the disruptions of today. I try to start my computer and all it does is beep. Great. 300h+ of work is gone. On the day I want to do my backup, it just poofs. A quick google search suggests it’s just a RAM issue, in which case the hundreds of files I have for my thesis are safe. If that isn’t the case, I just really lost 300h+ of work. My parents freak out and I get stressed, so I rush over to the Apple store.

I don’t care what their titles tell people, they are not geniuses. I was basically brushed off for explaining my situation in a very calm and nice manner. All he said was: Use your computer and try get an appointment with us tomorrow. Did you even listen, I thought. My computer can’t even start and you tell me to use it to make an appointment? I felt like he wasn’t listening. I walked away, because I knew if it kept going on, I’d do something really stupid like give him a high five in the face with my computer. At least I didn’t feel rude for not saying goodbye while he spent a great amount of time ignoring me even though I greeted them. Dumbasses, to quote Red from That ’70’s show.

After all of that, I just feel like my hard work got a slap in the face. I know, it was just one of those days where unexpected things accumulated. To sum up, I guess this picture says most of it. Except I just wanna do it until tomorrow, because really, I can’t be doing nothing for that long without going insane.

//c_Cae; I know life won’t give me something I can’t handle, I just wish it didn’t come all at once. At least I laughed a lot today. 


4 responses to “Not so good

  1. Dearest Caely,

    Doing a guy thing here only because it’s happened to me before. Do you use the Time Machine automatic backup feature of Apple computers? If not, I highly recommend it. That’s all about that.

    As to the piling on that you experienced during the day I can only offer you a trans-Pacific hug or three and tell you that I love you. The work is still there, Zoe knows which ice-cream she likes and a bird won’t poop in your hair for at least another week. Life is good.

    Hang tough and know that you are loved.



    • Dear D,

      I do use the TM, only I haven’t updated since I officially started the thesis. Thankfully, the shop I handed the laptop in at told me they could most likely salvage my data unless my hard drives are fried.

      Thanks for encouraging me, I love you too. Hugging you right back (crossing two oceans to do so sounds very cool).

  2. Dear Caely,

    There must be something in the air today. I had one of those days that made me want to become a burrito with you. Although I’m pretty sure your bad day trumped mine. I’m pretty sure I’ve never had a bird poop in my hair.

    I’m sending you hugs and praying that the rotten Apple “geniuses” can help you retrieve your work. 8O

    I will share a story of my own. Your parents made me think of the night I’d taken the children and gone to a friend’s house for the evening when my husband was out of town. I came home that night to find the police on my doorstep. It seems my husband tried to call me, forgetting that I’d told him I’d be out that evening. (He’s never had much of a memory). He called my parents who tried and tried to call. I was furious.

    Know that your parents love you and they tend to worry about their children even when they’re adults.

    Sending you love and more love.



    • Dear R,

      I know that feel, wish we could burrito together and talk about whatever.
      I decided to ditch the Apple “geniuses” and went to the unofficial Mac Support (the rude one at the Apple store even suggested it).
      I know they love me, and I’ll always be 10 to them. I hate making them worry but it’s like they lose all common sense and panic when they can’t reach me on my phone (even though they know my phone is very weird). I guess the same is applicable for your husband.
      Hugging right back!

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