Day 2 without my main laptop

I feel so naked. The worst thing about being a workoholic is to not being able to work because your main tool isn’t at hand. I know, I know, I shouldn’t overdo it. I promised I wouldn’t, so I’m not. Thing is, I get bored and I actually want to work. I feel my work is being delayed. At the same time, I feel like this could be a few days off to rejuvenate, only I don’t feel like I can since my work feels delayed. The issues that aren’t really issues.


//c_Cae; merde…


4 responses to “Day 2 without my main laptop

  1. Dearest Caely,

    I do know this feeling all too well. There are certain tools I must have. When my computer’s down, or worse the internet, I feel non-functional. I even feel that way when my rapidograph pen, the pen I use for my sketches, is broken. I have to run out and replace it.

    Be gentle with yourself, my friend and know that you’re loved.



    • Dearest R,

      Glad I’m not alone in this! (I never am, though, not with you guys around:))

      You too, love. Take mini-breaks and you’ll pull through this too :) Exciting times to come!


  2. Dearest Cae,

    Step back and imagine a time when there were no laptops, cell phones, computer games…..

    (I know, I’m a troglodyte… But I am one of the last on this earth who will remember what we did before all of those essentials appeared to ease our way.)

    Treat yourself to a real book, relax, go for a walk, reformulate your thesis in your mind, cuddle Zoe…

    This too, shall pass.

    Love and Aloha,


    • Dear D,

      I loved those times. Back when you could grab a book, smell it and enjoy it to the fullest. The only thing limiting you from reading was the sunlight. I actually did some reading, but knowing I needed to work made me uneasy.

      You’re not a troglodyte, and even if you were one, I’d still love you :)

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