It’s back!

Oh my. I never thought it’d be possible to love something this much. I felt completely off my game when I had to hand my computer to the shop. I tried my best to relax but it got uneasy knowing that I initially thought of working. I had it all planned out, after all, and when it doesn’t go that way, I get very uncomfortable. Yes, I am capable of putting work aside, but not when it’s a weekday and I really, really want to work. All my data was unharmed and I didn’t have to pay a fortune to get it fixed. The only thing wrong was the RAM that had been moved out of its place, and so the computer couldn’t boot. Phew.

I guess I got a little stressed given that the post-doc has arrived. I’m actually meeting her tomorrow, so I’m all excited about that. I wonder where she will have her office. So, I’m back to normal now. Into the work-cloud I go, after I’ve done some back-up.

//c_Cae; my baby is back!~



4 responses to “It’s back!

  1. Dearest Caely,

    Can you see me? I’m doing a happy dance for you. :D

    There’s nothing that brings more joy than getting back something you thought was irretrievably lost. I was holding my breath for you all the way across sea and land.

    Sending happiness hugs.



    • Dear R,

      Yes, I can see you! I was actually doing the happy dance when I saw you had commented, haha :D

      I knew you’d do that, you’re always here <3
      Lots of hugs and love,

  2. Dear Caely,

    All your ones and zeros back in their box? Very cool. Now back it up, girl, and rock on.



    • Dearest D,

      All the ones and zeros are at place! I also backed it up a few times, now awaits a lot of work to make up for lost time (don’t think it’s possible, but will still give it a try).


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