Four days of celebrations

The Dutchman turned 30, and at first I was freaking out because I hadn’t planned anything special nor gotten a gift for him. About a week before his birthday, I finally came up with the best gift ever. A Paris Saint Germain jersey signed by Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Ibrahimovic is one of his favourite soccer players and also happens to come from the city we live in (that I also grew up in). Our ties to Ibrahimovic still astound me to this day. At first I didn’t know if I could get it in time, but lady Luck was by my side (as she most often is) and it arrived just in time. Believe me when I say it was really hard not to tell him what I bought him. I knew he would love it.

Because the 30 mark is somewhat a big deal (as all birthdays are, in my opinion), his parents planned a surprise dinner with the family. They got a table for all of us and surprised us with the presence of all the siblings (he has 6 siblings). The food was great and the company couldn’t get better. Although we had four kids under age three with us, we had zero accidents, no food fights and no screaming. I was very impressed. Zoe had a blast with her cousins, and they even shared food together. Melted my heart to see how cheerful they were.

On the actual day of his birthday, I took him out. It wasn’t all that special, I only made reservations at a Spanish restaurant for the two of us and we had a great time. Service was splendid, food was brilliant (although the portabello was slightly too salty for me) and most important, the Dutchman was happy. He was thrilled and absolutely adored the jersey I got him. I don’t think I can ever top that one now. After the dinner, he wanted to go to the movies and so we did. I wish I had the time to also visit my friends in Lund, but the tight schedule didn’t allow it. Getting home around 1am was exhausting, and the day after we’d have a open house for whoever couldn’t come to the dinner with the family.

I woke early to bake (whatever I bake becomes charcoal), and I can’t believe I pulled it off doing all those things with minimum sleep. The things you do for love, huh? All things were settled and we even had a breather before the first guests came. Visits were short and I kind of wished I wasn’t as exhausted as I was. I still am, two days later.

Later that day, my mom calls and invites us to dinner, but she prompts me not to tell the Dutchman as it’s a surprise for him. I am horrible at keeping surprises from the Dutchman, I just can’t. She went to buy cakes and bought us dinner and all. It was lovely and now we’re on our couch trying to get out of the food coma. I wish I had some pics to show you guys, but being so tired, I’m lucky I even know my own name.

Tomorrow is Monday, a lot of things to be done this week. Algae need attention, must find wedding gift for Daniel’s wedding celebration, and another gift for a newborn. Oh, I gotta make time for all of that and make up for lost thesis time. Lucky it’s Monday, then I got all week to do it all.

//c_Cae; wish me luck~ 


2 responses to “Four days of celebrations

  1. Dear Cae,

    Sounds like a great time was had by all. I would love to see pictures if you have them but I enjoyed your account nonetheless. I’m glad that all went so well.

    Now is the time to kick back and allow the food coma to overtake you. The algae and gifts can wait a few hours. ;)



    • Dear R,

      We still need to find a frame for the jersey, and I have no clue where all the pictures we took are.

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