Full speed ahead

Last week was exhausting. I’ve never in my five years of studying at the university felt so overwhelmed by the amount of things that I do. Those of you who’s been following me know what I’m talking about.

Since last week, I’ve kind of been supervising a small group of students. I’m completely new to it and I think I’m doing a good job. Until I felt like I told them the same things using different analogies to help the understand, but they still ask me the same questions. I love that they are so ambitious and want to do all kinds of things, but they should trust me when I tell them that the amount of work that is required to do all of those things simply won’t fit in their 2 week schedule. They didn’t listen and now they have a huge amount of results that they have no time to analyse. I feel overwhelmed with all the algae work and my thesis. The DNA analyses need to be finished this week so they can be shipped off to the US for further analyses, or else there won’t be anything to work with later this fall.

My thesis has been on the slow pace not only because of the supervision and the algae work, but also because of some issues I’ve been experiencing with my left eye. I see this little blob whenever I try to focus, and when I saw the doctor about it, it turned out to be some kind of fluid accumulation at the back of my eye. It’s manageable, but I need to wait for the hospital to get back to me so that I can receive some kind of treatment for it. It’s very tiring on my right eye, which makes browsing for articles much harder as I get tired very quickly.

At least after this week, the supervision is over and I can go back to just doing algae and my thesis. Now all that’s missing is some sun and warmth.

Load faster!

//c_Cae; taking a breather!


4 responses to “Full speed ahead

  1. Dearest Caely,

    I’ll try not to worry about that eye but will be anxious to hear what they will do for it.
    It sounds like you’ve had one helluva week. I hope things slow a bit for you this week and you’re able to ship the algae and work on the thesis.
    No doubt you’re making a difference in your students’ lives. One of these times you’ll explain something and you’ll see the “aha moment” in their eyes and can relish the fact that you helped put it there.

    Be good to yourself. I’m sending you many hugs.



    • Dearest R,

      I’m sure the eye is fine, it’s just a little nerve-wrecking to wait…
      This week isn’t any better, I have several high school graduations to attend. To be honest, I really don’t know if I can make it to all of them.
      I really hope I’m making a difference with the students, because most of the time they just question my credibility (at least it feels like it).

      Lots of hugs and love,

      • I understand you apprehension. And sometimes it may be years before you know what a difference you made, but I truly believe you are making one. As Doug is fond of saying, ‘the world needs you.’ Certainly the sea needs you.


      • Well, as long as I make a difference :P
        Lots of love,

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