We’re with cat!

Apparently, a cat has been hanging out outside of the aquatic ecology department at the university. That was the first thing I heard yesterday after returning from working at home/binging Netflix series for a few days. Marie, our lab engineer, also asked me if I still liked cats enough to want one at home, and of course I said yes. The cat didn’t show up, but she did today. So we caught her and brought her to a vet to see if she was tagged or not, and she wasn’t. According to Swedish regulations, you need to report this to the police and get the cat to a vet (health control and such). The police part is in case someone has reported their cat missing. If you take the cat in, you are obliged to wait for 3 months to see if someone shows up before you can claim the animal as yours.

After discussing it with the Dutchman, we decided that if the cat didn’t have an owner, we’d keep her for a trial period. Considering the allergies both him and I have for cats, we’d have to be sure we’re compatible. If not, we’d have to give the cat away to someone else, should no owner show up.

Marie kindly offered to drive me and the cat home, and even lent us her cat cage. I don’t believe I have kinder colleagues as the ones I have at the university. Marie and Mattias even pitched in for some of the food and toys and whatnot a cat needs. I was willing to pay for everything, but had to kindly stand aside and watch them be super-nice to me. My heart melted, and all they said was: Make sure you’re compatible now, she [the cat] deserves a good home and we know you’ll make it so for her.

My heart was softer than the freshest marshmallow. And it still is. Here we are, with a cat. She’s adorable, but hasn’t got a name yet. We’ll figure something out, it’s not like we’re in a rush. I’ll try take pictures of her and post them here or so. Can anyone tell what breed she is? I was thinking Norwegian forest cat but her paws are too big to be and her face is too triangular (?) to be. Too tiny for a Maine coon, so I’m out of options (to my knowledge) unless she’s a Siberian. I really don’t know. Any guesses?


My office chair is now her throne.

//c_Cae; unexpected joy~


4 responses to “We’re with cat!

  1. Dear Caely,

    She looks a lot like the cat we had for eighteen years who was just a grey-striped Tabby. My son named her Shyler because when we first got her as a nine-week-old kitten our other cat intimidated her and she wouldn’t come out from under the couch for some time.

    It also looks like your new arrival is making herself at home. I hope things work out with her. What does Zoe think?

    Your post makes me smile. I kind of miss having a furry friend. But like you and the Dutchman I have allergies to contend with. :(



    • Dear R,
      Really? She’s very friendly and cuddly, too cuddly to be a feral cat. The Dutchman thinks someone removed her collar and let her out. Who would do that to such a sweet thing escapes my mind. We still don’t know what to name her.
      Zoe keeps telling us to leave the cat alone because it’s sleeping. Zoe is very sweet on the cat. But when we ask about what to name it, she just names the toys we bought to her.

  2. Dear Caely,

    Your sweet post is making me purr. What a lucky cat. Looks was though you are now her staff. Well done.



    • Dear D,
      Glad to hear it. I just I’ll spend my days being my cat’s squire ;)

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