We named the cat Moneypenny, or Penny for short, after the James Bond character of course. She sleeps most the time and when she doesn’t, cuddling is all she wants. I’ve tried to play with her, really tried. I’ve been tying ribbons to her catnip toys, walking around with untied shoe laces, bounces pingpong balls around and all she does is stare at me as if I was doing the most ridiculous things. One strange cat she is.

We did bring her to the vet and had her check out. Penny’s doing just fine and it was surprising to find out she’sno more than 1 years old. We’d estimated her to be around 2-4, but the vet quickly dismissed that after looking at her teeth. A relief to find Penny doing good, but she got really scared on the bus home, poor thing.

Our allergies haven’t gotten much better though. As much as I love having Penny around, the Dutchman’s allergies are getting worse. So we have no choice but to find her another home. There are people who are interested, but they need to think about it so there’s nothing definite yet. I hate to give her up but it makes better sense to find another home for her if it means she can get the attention she wants and needs. She loves haging around the Dutchman but he can’t do it without his allergies triggering an allout outbreak. I feel bad because it’s horrible both for Penny and the Dutchman.

I’ll comfort myself by knowing we showed Penny what it’s like being in a loving home instead of being a stray.


c_Cae; damn allergies


2 responses to “Moneypenny

  1. Dear Caely,

    It’s so easy to get attached to animals so I’m so sorry things haven’t worked out allergy wise. I only admitted after my Shyler passed away that I was starting to have allergy problems again. They seemed to go away for a number of years but over the past five have returned with a vengeance.

    I love the name Moneypenny. One of my favorite Bond characters. At least you can take comfort in the fact that you took her in when she needed a home. May you be as fortunate in finding the perfect home for her.

    She looks like such a sweet one I don’t know how anyone could resist.

    Much love and many hugs.



    • Dearest R,

      To know you love the animla but your immune system just won’t agree, it’s a horrible feeling :(

      Yay! I love Moneypenny, too! I love how we find things we have in common.
      She’s a sweetpea. I have no idea what went through her previous owner’s head when they let her go. We definitely think she was owned by someone since she’s super-friendly. It’s mind-boggling how someone wouldn’t ID her when she’s this sweet.

      Lots of love,

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