Time flies

I just realised I haven’t posted here for a good month. To be honest, I haven’t been motivated enough to write anything because Penny died (there’s a post, I’m not ready to post about it yet).

I’ve been working more than usual. Summer means vacation time for all of Sweden, and since I don’t intend on taking any until late November, I had to keep things in line in the labs. Basically, I was queen of the labs for a good five weeks. Absolutely nothing happened, which was a relief. But right after people started coming back in for work, there was a power outage, which resulted in a lot of worrying for the algae species from Antarctica (they die if temperatures reach above 10°C). Luckily, they survived as power went back on when temperatures reached 9.7°C. A really close call… How single-cell organisms have me worried so much is mind-boggling to me.

Other than work, I haven’t done much. Been teaching Zoe a bunch of useless stuff, like saying “hyperbole” and other random words that you don’t really use every day. She’s picking up things like a sponge and I have to stop cursing now. So if you find me saying random words, like banana when I’m angry, you know why.

I’ll go back to my excel sheet and meta-analysis, but I’ll say a happy birthday to one of two avid commenters here.

Happy birthday, R! One day soon, I’ll visit you and we’ll have that gravlax and coffee together. Have a good one, love! 

//c_Cae; am thankful for the excel cheats I learned during fisheries ecology…


2 responses to “Time flies

  1. Dear Cae,

    You had me laughing out loud at you’re saying banana in place of a curse word. Those little ones are so attentive when you’d rather they wouldn’t be. It’s often referred to as “selective hearing.” ;)

    I’m happy to see you back on the blogging grid. I’ve missed you here. Thank you for the birthday wishes. I look forward to the day we share coffee and gravlax. (I need to start a batch today.) Perhaps one day I’ll be able to come there. I’ve learned never to say never.

    Hugs, lots of love and shalom,


    • Dearest R,

      Oh, the amount of substitute words I use instead of cursing is unbelievably high! She already says “oh dear”…

      It was just natural for me to wish you happy birthday here as well, so you’re most welcome. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll just surprise a certain someone in Hawaii together ;)

      Hugs and lots and lots of love,

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