Aquatic Ecology Unit Day 2015

Every year, the unit has a day or two dedicated to relaxation and some catching up on each other’s research. These days are filled with small seminars and fun activities. For the first time, I was invited too. It felt awkward at first when I got the invitation because I never really felt like I was a part of the unit even though I’m frequent at the labs doing various work. Stepping out of my comfort zone, I RSVP’d that I’d join. Full of excitement (and an equal amount of social anxiety) I just dove in and figured it would all be alright.

The unit days were spent at this 19th century castle about 25min drive from Lund. It was stunning when we arrived, the front porch was covered in beautiful tiles made of wood. You could count the year rings on each tile. First impression? Amazing.

2015-12-09 14.44.12

Häckeberga Slott, said to be haunted and I didn’t find out until yesterday :(

The first day was spent with many seminars about various research projects going on, and we also had a guest speaker from the University of Edinburgh. The highlight was when we stepped into the dining hall (yes, hall). Candles were lit and there was beautiful plating on two of the long tables that were reserved for us.

2015-12-09 12.07.38

This was how they served the butter…

When I saw how they had plated the butter, I knew this was a fancy lunch. And it was. Only I had forgotten to take a picture of it. But we were served a velvet pea soup as starter. As a main, we had elk and venison burger. It was slightly disappointing as the meat was too watery and lacked seasoning.

But the dinner made me forget about how much of a let down the lunch was… As a starter we had smoked salmon with various greens and Scanian mustard (very spicy). Delicious. I could eat several plates of these…

2015-12-09 19.14.28

Smoked salmon with dark bread and Scanian mustard (not for the faint heart). And it made me think of you, R :)

As entrée, we had venison with roasted mushrooms (portabello they said, but size never lies…) and carrots. I never had venison before, and this completely blew my mind. I absolutely loved it. Meat was properly cooked (medium rare), perfectly seasoned and worked perfectly with the (red wine?) sauce.

2015-12-09 19.50.34

The venison. Definitely my cup of tea.

Before the actual dessert, we had a little teaser. They never told us what it was but my platelet told me this was just frozen OJ…

2015-12-09 20.59.42

The dessert was a blackberry pannacotta with chocolate, roasted blackberries and blackberry jello. It was so smooth, it was like eating velvet. And that’s Lasse’s finger. I told him I blog about food, and had been taking several pictures of the food. This was his way of making fun of it. We laughed and discussed many things. Good bonding always happen over food :)

2015-12-09 21.06.15

Blackberry pannacotta with roasted blackberries, blackberry jello and chocolate. Delish~

After a long night of socialising, we all had a good night’s sleep and were pretty beat during breakfast. The second day only had one activity which was a half-day seminar about stress reduction. Brilliant talk with brilliant exercises. Hopefully we can implement them in our lives to reduce stress.

For lunch we had chicken breast with blackcurrant and roasted pear. I am really not a huge fan of chicken breast because it is so easy to ruin. More often than not, it’s just dry and it tastes like wood. But not this time. This time it was juicy and flavourful. Loved every bite of it. No wonder this is a 4 star place ;)

2015-12-10 12.39.16

Chicken – good!

That chicken concluded the unit days, and I feel pretty refreshed. I hope there’ll be more chances to join in the future but then as a PhD student and not as the only MSc student… It was fun and I bonded with people I never thought I would bond with. And to wrap up this post, here’s a pic of Zoe being happy in the elevator.
2015-12-08 20.27.13

//c_Cae; can anyone find my Christmas spirit? 


2 responses to “Aquatic Ecology Unit Day 2015

  1. Dear Cae,

    I’m so pleased you went and socialized. The food looks amazing.
    My husband is a hunter so we eat a lot of very fresh venison.
    I’m glad you had a chance to bond with others of like mind. I’d be willing to bet that some of them went home and talked about the wonderful and intelligent woman at the conference.
    Zoe is beautiful like her mother.
    Your post has me smiling. Sending all my love, my friend.



    • Dearest R,

      I’m glad I went, even though I feel so socially awkward most of the time.
      I envy you of having access to fresh venison, it really is delicious.
      Since it was a pretty fancy dinner, I dressed up and I think I blew some minds, haha.
      She grows everyday and sometimes it feels mind boggling how fast she grows.

      Lots of love,

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