Gotta make time

Heading to my optician for an annual checkup. I always look forward to them because he’s the nicest person ever, not to mention just as competent.

Anyways, it’s raining outside and i gotta make time for a few things. Things like the VS fashion show, finishing reading my book and start on that new one (yes, I’m talking about your book R), work a little more aand defiinitely relax more. I should also hunt for that Christmas spirit. It’s not here yet and I want it here so the Dutchman feels a little better instead of having a girlfriend that’s pretty bitter about it all…

//c_Cae; Musikhjälpen 2015 is <3


2 responses to “Gotta make time

  1. Dear Cae,

    You’re quite prolific this week. I’m happy that this post is a bit more upbeat. Of course I’m happy that you’re reading a certain book. ;)

    I hope is well with your eyes now. Alas, not everyone is blessed with the Christmas spirit. Last year was the pits for me.

    Blessings are coming your way from Midwest USA.



    • Dear R,

      Thank you, I’m a bookworm at heart and always read back to back.
      My eyes are alright now, which reminds me I should write about that :)
      Hope your holiday spirits are good to you. Lots and lots of love,

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