The next semester

January is gonna be a tough month. Most my weekdays will be spent in the lab following through my lysozyme protocol. I developed it for the lab to make our algae cultures bacteria-free, without killing the algae we want to study. Each time I run it takes about 8 hours. This only applies if absolutely nothing goes wrong, and something always goes wrong. Dammit, Murphy.

Even though I have to finish my thesis, I still applied to a few courses this semester. I want something to keep my mind stimulated, so I applied for two statistics classes and one history class. Statistics used to scare me but thanks to my thesis, I have developed a liking to it. I’m really glad I stepped out of that comfort zone and dove right in. I’m pretty sure I’ve grown quiet a lot because of it. The history class is just something I picked because history is interesting, but also scary. Scary because we, as humans, can’t seem to learn from it. The class is about the Holocaust, and I chose it because I read so much about the genocide in Cambodia (ask me anything about Pol Pot) and found it utterly interesting. But it’s also partially inspired by a book written by a good friend. I have no idea when classes start but it’d be great to receive an e-mail about it sometime soon.

Busy time? Yes, but I like it that way.

//c_Cae; if you don’t learn where you came from, you can’t possibly know where to go.


2 responses to “The next semester

  1. Dear Caely,

    I love reading your enthusiasm for learning. You continue to amaze me.

    Of course your link to my book made me smile. (it was that good friend part. ;) ) Although the incidents in my books were the dress rehearsal for the Holocaust, I’m still learning things about it that I didn’t know before. And, like you and genocide in Cambodia, I grew up hearing about the Nazi Holocaust.

    If history teaches one thing it’s that we don’t learn a thing from it.

    Hang tough this coming semester. I know you will. :D



    • Dear R,

      Thank you, I’m convinced knowledge is power and I am greedy when it comes to knowledge :)

      I love promoting my friends, and it’d be nice for others to know of your book, right? It just can’t hurt ;)
      I agree that history teaches us that we never learn from the past, and it’s sad, really.
      Things will work out, they always do.


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