Exciting times!

Yesterday, I updated my thesis supervisor about how I was doing. First, we caught up from all the holiday festivities. I love how friendly things are at the department. I told him about my progress and he was pretty impressed, telling me I’ve done a splendid job so far. He thinks I’m good, but I think I can do better. Sometimes, I really hate my over-achieving attitude, but it has gotten me places I’ve never been before and quenched my thirst for knowledge.

After some lively discussion on some matters, he invited me to a meeting on Friday. A meeting that is actually outside of my thesis work, but includes ocean acidification. I’d say my knowledge about that matter has increased significantly over the past year. Other than that and that the people involved in it wants to publish a paper about it, I know nothing about this project. I guess I’ll find out this Friday. So for the first time in forever (no, I did not intend to make that sound like taken from Frozen), I am looking forward to Friday.


My face when full of anticipation.

//c_Cae; off to write that thesis report!


2 responses to “Exciting times!

  1. Dear Caely,

    I like the way you never just settle for where you are in your thirst for knowledge. It’s always good to have a goal and when you reach that one, to set another.
    By now Friday has happened and I hope it went well. I’m glad that you’re being recognized for the amazingly intelligent woman that you are.



    • Dear R,

      Thanks :) Never settle if you know you can do better, right?
      The meeting was postponed to Wednesday morning. It’ll be good, I can tell already.
      Cheers and lots of love,

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