Writing spree

I recently started analysing my collected data and I encountered several problems. Instead of letting the rage take over (trust me, this was hard), I decided to read up on articles I had collected throughout the year and summarise them so I later can write my own thesis article. My keyboard is on fire and things are coming along smoothly. I think I can  pick up on the analytical problems soon.

About the meeting I was going to have on Friday, it was postponed to tomorrow! One of us got sick and thought it would be better to rest up instead of cramming in such an important meeting. Very considerate, and it’s partially why I’m also working at home today. I didn’t initially intended to, but the heavy snow clouds and winds convinced me of staying home. It’s better to, because as much as I love being at the university, I really would dislike being stuck there (there’s no food).

Back to work!

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 13.38.28

These are about half of the windows I keep up when working. It’s weird how little that looks like from here.

//c_Cae; another sad day for music today, but at least now Freddie, Bowie and Lemmy has another one to join their never-ending party. Rock in peace.


2 responses to “Writing spree

  1. Dear Caely,

    I understand how it is when your keyboard’s on fire. Mine is merely embers right now, waiting for the next piece of the story line.
    Sorry that you’re ill but it sounds like you’re handling things well, my dear overachiever. (said with love and tenderness).
    Threats of snow here, too. I hope your time is productive and your meeting tomorrow goes well.

    Hugs and shalom,


    • Dear R,

      I love it when the keyboard’s on fire, there’s a warm feeling to it (pun intended).
      I’m not the one that is ill, but my colleague is, but thank you for always being so considerate <3
      The northern parts of Sweden received almost 2.5 inches of snow last night. I sure hope that blizzard isn't heading this way. Better cuddle up! Be safe, love!
      Cheers and love,

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