The much anticipated meeting

It went well! I have no idea what happened, but we discussed (read: the others talked, I listened) the project and most of the time I was thinking how out of my depth this feels. I’m probably wasn’t, because if I was, I wouldn’t be there. My supervisor would definitely not have invited me if he felt I wasn’t up for it. Obviously, he sees something that I don’t. Yet. I have a few things to do now and if I am honest, I have no idea how I’ll pull it off.

I want to finish my thesis before April, that’s when we’re going to see John Cleese’s stand-up show in Gothenburg. I want it to be some kind of reward for tackling a very important mile stone of my life. Completing my thesis means my long dream will come true. It feels more real than ever, and I feed off of that fact, which has resulted in a very happy me. Finishing the thesis before April will mean a lot of work and no more slacking weekends. Not really sure if I’m up for that, but I think working just a little during the weekends will be alright. I’m pretty sure the Dutchman will make sure I’ll take my breaks.

Then there’s the lab work and running the lysozyme protocol. Those will be a breeze, since the protocol is something I know by heart now. I did develop it specifically for the cultures we have but it’s nothing I really talk about. Some think I should, but I think I’m too humble to do so. Modifying that protocol means all the cultures will be ready for DNA extraction in less than two weeks after I’ve gotten all my stuff.

At the same time, I have meetings to attend. Small things, really, although I recently got a job as a course assistant. That’s a first. I’m pretty convinced people see things in me that I clearly don’t. It’s exciting, really, but it’s also way beyond my comfort zone. As much as I love new challenges and learning new things, it scares me an equal amount. And I keep telling myself, if you’re not scared of losing it, it’s not worth fighting for.


//c_Cae; 2016 – a big year, indeed


2 responses to “The much anticipated meeting

  1. Dear Caely,

    If I were standing next to this moment I would be hugging you and telling you I’m proud but not surprised. You’ve worked so hard for this.
    I’m taking the saying “If your dreams don’t scare you…” to heart.
    Well done, sweet friend.



    • Dear R,
      Thank you for always being a supporting pillar, I really wouldn’t know what to do without you ♡

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