Lab work

So this month, I’ll be wrapping up the lab work I’ve been doing for a little over a year. I’ve loved every second of it and I will keep loving it until my last moment. The problem with university jobs is funding, when your PI (principal investigator) can’t get that funding that keeps your job alive, you’re most likely to be a goner. Unfortunately for me, that is the case with the algae. We’ve already done some cut-downs on the cultures and now all I got to do is to run the lysozyme on the rest of the strains. Once that is done, I have no job.

For a while, I felt really shitty about this fact. I really, really love the job. Now, when it’s drawing nearer, it doesn’t feel as shitty. Okay, that’s a little lie. It does feel shitty because now I’m kind of back on living on less than an existential minimum. But, this is the least of my problems. For me, money is something that can be earned back and it’s never really been something of that much importance. Yes, you need it to buy food and pay bills, but that’s not what life is. I always say I’m rich in everything but money because let’s face it, the friends I have today are the best friends that I can never wish for. If you doubt me, I can sit you down and tell you about my many shitty experiences. Sorry, I just realised I’ve kind of overused the word ‘shitty’.

The good news is that my thesis is shaping up. My graphs make about 1% sense now, which is great (because it’s +1% than last), and I got a course assistant job. It doesn’t start until May and it’s only for a few weeks, but it’s better than nothing. Until then I’ll just work on my thesis and hopefully I can get a first draft done 5-6 weeks from now. My supervisor tells me I’m ambitious to aim for that soon, but I feel it’s about time I wrap things up. As hard-working I am, my supervisors laid-back approach is slightly contagious.

I also started watching Masterchef US again. It makes me want a new kitchen, so I can make those top notch dishes for the Dutchman and Zoe. Food is the way to people’s hearts, I’m convinced that is the case. I sit there, watching the show, and shout out the dishes I would’ve pulled during the mystery box challenges or the team challenges if I was team captain. I won’t apply for the Swedish version, though, because I’ve had my 15 minutes of fame already.

I have a newfound love for Christina Tosi, and I’m a bit bummed out that it’s Graham’s last season :(

  //c_Cae; I should sleep…


2 responses to “Lab work

  1. Dear Caely,

    You’ve had a good run with the algae. It’s always a little hard to see the end come to something you love. At any rate it will give you more time to work on your thesis and enjoy your family.
    I look forward to hearing about the new doors of opportunity that will be opening up for you.

    Shalom and much love,


    • Dear R,

      It’s been, and still is for a little longer, a great run. All good things come to an end (as with bad things), might as well enjoy the ride ;)
      Thanks for riding with me, love.


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