Another quickie

Hi everyone!

Hope you’re all good. I’m just dropping by here to fix some changes for future plans :) I’m finishing up the thesis soon and while I look for a job, I have to keep myself busy. I don’t know how long I’ll be out of a job and so I need to keep busy or else I’ll probably go insane.

My teaching class went well, except the majority of the students couldn’t tell apart a roach from a crucian carp. It broke my heart a little bit given all the times we’ve (the teaching team) stressed about those two species of fish. It’s not easy, but that’s why we stressed so much about it. Oh well, no one failed the class so that’s a great thing! I also realised I’ve grown a lot since the first group of students that I supervised a year ago. I want to write a lot about it but it will have to wait for another time.

My eye is hurting because I got another injection today. I’ve been going to these check-ups for the Fuch’s dystrophy every 6-10 weeks. Last time they checked it (2 weeks ago), they discovered that it was back. I’m not too thrilled about it, but at least I’m getting help. That’s also the reason why I have to keep this post short, as looking at a screen tires my eyes out very quickly. I need to rest all I can so I can work again tomorrow. Got a meeting on Friday, and I wanna blow my supervisor’s mind away.

Keep cool, folks!

//c_Cae; oh yeah, I started reading your book, R :) 


2 responses to “Another quickie

  1. Dearest Caely,

    My motherly advice would be for you to take it easy while you’re out of work. Rest that eye. I’m distressed to hear that it’s back. As I see Please Say Kaddish for Me in your tags perhaps you’ll be doing a little reading. (don’t overdo with the eye, though.)

    One thing I learned about teaching is that it’s a learning experience for the instructor. It speaks volumes and is a tribute to you as an instructor that no one failed.

    I look forward to hearing about how you blow your supervisors mind this Friday.

    Love, hugs and shalom,


    • Dear R,

      Thank you :) I find it hard to rest, I get restless very quickly… I didn’t work for 2 days, though, if that counts for anything.
      I actually started reading Please say Kaddish for me. Only gotten to chapter 10 though.

      Lots of love,

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