lvl 30

Oh yeah! I also turned 30 about a month ago. It feels great being 30. I’ve had a lot of people telling me stupid things like “you’re old now”, “your life is over”, “hello midlife crisis”. Whenever I hear them, I feel like they are way more insecure about their ages than I am. They kind of have to be. To me, turning 30 feels AMAZING. Why? Because I’m no longer in my 20s. Because I now have 30 years of life experience that no one else has (no one lives my life, only I do). Because people might take me a little bit more seriously now that I’m 30, although I’m still a child at heart). Because I’m 30 and I’m still laughing.

There are way too many reasons to be happy about it, than to feel anxious because of it. And it’s not just a number. Your age tells others a lot. I look up to older people because they have stories I have never heard. I look up to younger ones because they too, have stories I have never heard. Yes, listening to stories teaches you so much. If told right, they’ll be your experiences too. Experiences that you can apply to your life. There’s no shame in getting older, you just get more of that precious XP and SP (skill points, speaking like a gamer here). Use them wisely, because we don’t have any save points.

//c_Cae; always try to see things from a different angle, you’ll be surprised how much you’d learn…


2 responses to “lvl 30

  1. Dear Caely,

    I once saw an elderly woman interviewed on a TV show when I was a child. She was asked “What’s the best age?”
    Without missing a beat, she replied, “All of them.”
    I remember when 30 sounded ancient. I turned 30 a week after the birth of my third son. Then i didn’t have time to think about it. Of course, 30 is half a lifetime ago now and sounds incredibly young.
    You are a special woman, my dear and full of wisdom. Your ending line says it all.

    Shalom and many hugs,


    • Dear R,

      I think you’ve told me that once, because I recognise it. For me, 19 felt ancient, but I got over it pretty quickly and haven’t felt that feeling since. I think it’s a good thing. Thanks for being here. I love you.
      Lots of love,

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