Remembering last weekend

I forgot to write about last weekend on the update post earlier this week.

A few of the Dutchman’s relatives from Rotterdam had driven all the way here for a week-long vacation. Knowing this, we decided to crash the planned reunion a day early and went off to the Dutchman’s parents’ house.

I’ve never met this part of the family, but I wasn’t nervous. The best part with the Dutch side of the family, is that everyone is very welcoming and warm. The first thing that happens when we pop up is being showered with hugs from everyone. It doesn’t matter if we’ve never met before, we’ll behave as if we have. Hugs and kisses everywhere. To the Dutchman and my amazement, Zoe switches languages swiftly and basically only communicates with English. Everyone’s baffled, but it’s natural at this point given Zoe spends a lot of time watching British programs (Peppa Pig and Pocoyo are favourites).

Apart from bonding a lot with the Dutch relatives, Jim and Nair with kids, Zoe had a great time with her two cousins Alwa and Elliot. They’re younger than her, but they all got along just fine. One started giggling and the next second, all three were giggling. The house was filled with them laughing and yelling. When time came to that Alwa and Elliot were going home, they all cried saying they wanted to keep playing. Anyone could tell they were all exhausted but seeing them cry over getting separated was both heartwarming and a little heartbreaking. Although it was only over night, it was hard for the little ones to understand they’d be seeing each other again in less than 12h. That evening, we sat on the porch talking until the early hours.

Morning came and things resumed from the night before. More family members dropped by and despite a heavy rain, we  barbecued. A lovely dinner was shared and it was sad to go home, really. It amazes me how warm this family is. I’m still getting used to hearing the phrase “I’ve heard so much about you, you’re so sweet. Glad to finally meet you!”. I still remember it being the first thing Ewa (Dutchman’s stepmom) told me the first time we met. I guess next summer, we’ll have to get our asses down to Rotterdam.

//c_Cae; very blessed with great family and friends


4 responses to “Remembering last weekend

  1. Dear Cae,

    They sound like wonderful family. I love reading about Zoe. It’s amazing how children can soak of languages and flip from one to another. Not to mention they are accepting of one another. Childrenese, we could all learn from it.

    Hugs and shalom,


    • Dearest R,

      I agree. Observing children teaches you a lot, even as an adult. They don’t discriminate, as long as they laugh, they don’t care. Imagine the world, if we all were like that.

      Lots of love and hugs,

  2. Dearest Caely,

    I just finished the last day of what amounted to a nine day trip to Emporia, Kansas for the World Championships and your sweet post might as well have been written about my experience.

    I was greeted by people I’ve never met before (and some that I have) as though I was long lost family and friend. I switched from normal english to speaking the language of the disc with people from all over the world. We laughed and hugged and played and partied and I’m sorry to see it all end.

    Today begins the long journey back to NZ carrying a suitcase full of new discs and memories. Next year the tournament will be in Battle Creek, Michigan. Guess I’ll have to get my ass there in 350 days.

    You are beautiful and I thank you for reminding me of what is important in life.



    • Dear D,

      I hope your trip to Kansas was a pleasant one. It sounds to me you had a great time disc golfing, it seems to be a great community :)

      Be safe back in NZ and don’t let the cold get to you, summer is coming ;)

      Lots of love,

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