Intense few days

I intended to keep up my streaming schedule starting this week. I also intended on going to uni to talk to my supervisor because my thesis is making me feel what utter confusion feels like. It is not a pleasant feeling.

But then, the worst migraine of my life decided it was time to show its ugly, smug face on Sunday evening. I felt so bad, I couldn’t see, walk, sit or do anything normal. So I took an aspirin, went to bed and hoped for the best. Come Monday and it was gone while I got Zoe ready for day care. Once I got home, thinking I could work, it came back! I was not happy about it. I repeated what I did on Sunday night, took an aspirin and slept half the day away. It got good enough so that I could actually hang out with the Dutchman and Zoe. Until after dinner, I was once again incapacitated. Same thing happened yesterday and today it’s a bit better as I’m still functioning. However, it has made my eye hurt a lot. It’s like someone is putting a lot of pressure on the eye ball. Annoying.

On top of that, two ginormous real life issues struck my family and I’m a bit shaken but not as shaken as the people it has affected. It’s severe in many aspects but I’m sure we’ll pull out of it in one piece.

I also got a letter from my eye doctor. As if the week couldn’t get more intense, I have to go to the hospital this Friday and get another shot for my dystrophy. I am not happy about this. Clearly, I did not win the genetic lottery with my eyes. I really have to learn how to live with this.

On a completely different note, I’ll meet Frank (my friend from LA) soon! He’ll land in Copenhagen in less than a week! I’m super-excited and hopefully nothing goes wrong, haha. Damn Murphy’s law.

//c_Cae; off to have lunch~


2 responses to “Intense few days

  1. Dear Caely,

    Murphy’s a bastard. If I were there I would give you a hug. Migraines are terrible, I’m sorry to read how you’ve been suffering.
    I hope the week with Frank will find things looking up. <3



    • Dear R,

      I agree, Murphy’s law is stupid. I would love a hug and casual talk over coffee. At least the migraine is gone now. Even had it checked with a doctor and he told me to get back to him ASAP if it ever returns because it’s rare for someone like me to have them for so long (FYI I never get migraines).
      Half the week with Frank has already passed. I am so not ready for a goodbye, but then again, I never will be.
      I love you.

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