Photo day

Come the second day and I decided to take Frank out to show him the city. I knew he’d appreciate the differences between new and old architecture, being a designer and all. First things first, and we get coffee. I introduce the Starbucks equivalent of Sweden to Frank and he’s pretty mind-blown over the fact that we don’t serve colored water over here. After a solid breakfast, we head off for today’s adventure.

We started off at the western harbor (I have no idea why they call it that, we only have water on the west side of the city) with brand new houses in modern design. Too bad the weather was kind of gloomy, with little sun, but most the pictures turned out good, I think (have yet to see all of them). Moving on to the centre of the city and the architecture takes subtle turns into the older style that was standard a good 150 years ago. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone take as many pictures as Frank did that day. My brother Rob had to model, sometimes unwillingly. I guess he wasn’t really used to it, but he does make a good model.

Half the day passes and we get dumplings for lunch. Those were the worst dumplings I had ever had. Such a letdown from a foodcourt with decent food. I wish I had gotten something else that day, but at least know we all know where not to get dumplings. Somewhat full, we move on to the older parts of town, more pictures are taken and we roam the city a bit before both Rob and I realise that this city is so so small. With nothing left of the city to show, we take off to see some parks before getting falafel for dinner. Falafel here is a whole experience itself. Nowhere else in this country (I’m serious) do they taste as good as they do here. Perfectly fried and never too greasy. It was great.

We left to meet up Zoe and my mom and on our way back to the apartment, Zoe had her first try with a digital camera. I must admit, she has talent for it. Her pictures are really good to be taken by an almost 4 year old. Of course, the Dutchman and I decide to save money so we can buy her a digital camera. We’ll have to learn it, too.

Later that night, we all stay up way later than we should watching the keynote announcing iPhone 7. Regrets were had the following morning.


Can you believe Zoe took this? It’s gorgeous (okay, I’m super-biased).


Zoe took this one too.


I know, the sun is in the lens, but it doesn’t make this picture any less beautiful.

All photos belong to their respectful owners.

//c_Cae; artsy daughter with artsy friend~ 


2 responses to “Photo day

  1. Dear Cae,

    It sounds like a wonderful day in spite of the dumplings. ;) Great pictures. From what I can tell, Zoe is growing up to be a beauty like her mom.

    I loved feeling like part of the day.



    • Dear R,

      It was a lovely day. We really need to get her a camera, I feel she loves it so much and I’d hate to see her grow up feeling like she didn’t get to do the things she loves.
      Thanks for reading, love.

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