Jetlag day

On the third day of Frank’s visit, my intention was to get him and my brother out while I was at a meeting at the university. Plans quickly changed though as Frank’s jet lag took the best of him.

I didn’t mind, travelling east is always painful and it was better for him to feel the worst with the lag here at my place than somewhere else. While he rested up at home, I took off to my meeting.

The unit was kind of empty. Barely anyone was there, so I just put my stuff at the office and headed for the meeting. I was asked to TA earlier this summer and this was an introductory meeting for the class I was going to help out at. I love to TA and so I said yes, thinking maybe I would have less on my plate at the time. I was wrong, but that’s for later. My tasks as TA seem fairly easy, guide students and encourage them to keep up the good mood. I’m pretty good at that, I’d say, so off we go and I head home.

Once home, Frank’s feeling better, which was great because I had made reservations at Bastard, one of the most renown restaurants in town. I had a reservation for three, but since my brother fell ill, it was just Frank and I.

The menu wasn’t huge, but it had enough choices for us to become indecisive about things. It later became obvious we’d order different things and just share it all. Once the food came, we were taken to foodie heaven.


The Bastard Plank (right to left); serrano (or was it prosciutto?), cornichons, lard, liver paté, duck breast, chorizo. It was amazing.


My drink of the night: Left Lane, English tea with some kind of peach infusion, I can’t really remember but it was a 10/10. Non-alcoholic.


Look at the photographer feeding the camera before feeding himself.


We really showed who was boss.


Oxcheek with potato mash and roasted onions. Perfect blend of texture and fall tastes.


Left: Oxcheek. Right: Pork collar with roasted vegetables and plum mustard. The plum mustard was clearly the star of this dish.


My semifreddo with raspberries and pistachios. Not as much of a highlight as the entrée but good enough to wrap up the dinner. 

I didn’t take a pic of Frank’s desert, but he had a dulce de leche with caramel and coffee. It tasted better than mine, I was just too overwhelmed by the raspberries and pistachios.

Overall, it was definitely a 9/10 experience and I’ll go there again once my thesis is defended. There’s a lot at stake here, so I better finish it. Anyway, we basically rolled home after that. Full and satisfied as we were.

//c_Cae; still missing that glorious dinner


2 responses to “Jetlag day

  1. Dear Caely,

    Wow, that was some meal. I can sympathize with Frank’s jet lag. I never knew what that was until the day after I returned home from Israel. It’s like trying to function with a 300 lb. weight holding you down. I hope he recovered quickly.

    Shalom and hugs,


    • Dear R,

      It really was! I loved it, and Frank did too!
      And jetlag? It’s a pain, that’s what it is, and he did recover pretty fast. We have great coffee here in Europe ;)

      Lots of love,

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