The last day

The days Frank were here went by so fast, it’s what happens when you have fun, I guess. I forgot to mention that the previous day, I had a pho dinner as a goodbye dinner for Frank.

I’d never done pho on my own before but it turned out alright, not quiet as the one my mom does but I’m close. I also invited La Familia. I knew they’d get along with Frank, and guess what? They did. They got so well along, Max asked me where I had hidden this gem :) Sometimes I wish distance wasn’t such an issue. I have so many good friends, and I really want them all to come together. This dinner was one step closer of getting them all (no, I don’t treat my friends like Pokemon).

The dinner was a success, as usual when food is involved. I also realised that I can handle two girlfriends, which is nice because I have never really gotten along well with girls, but these two are <3 (looking at you Vera and Jenny).

The next day came, and Frank was bound to leave. It was a slow morning, and Zoe was playing with Frank as usual. The two got along so well, and Zoe was clearly not ready for Frank to leave just yet. We all decided to see Frank off, with me going all the way to the airport while the Dutchman and Zoe stay behind after the train station.

Once Frank and I got on the train to the airport, Zoe started crying and hearts were broken. It sucked to see her cry. Damn ID-controls over the Danish/Swedish border. At the airport, we bumped into a Chinese couple, who turned out to be siblings, and asked us for help. My Mandarin is crap, I understand a little but I can’t not for the life of me speak it. They were asking us for help as their carryon was way to heavy for the lady of the two to carry. Of course we help, even though some things were left unsaid because of it. At the gate, there was a quick goodbye and a long hug before Frank took off to Amsterdam to continue his Euro-trip.

It was short, but a great visit. Hopefully, we can meet soon, after all, it was only a temporary goodbye.


2 responses to “The last day

  1. Dear Caely,

    I felt the pain of your goodbye with Frank. Those visits are never long enough.

    I remember the thrill when our mutual friend came to visit. It was such a thrill to make eye contact without the Skype screen and to be able to touch.

    I’m impressed that you understand any Mandarin at all. I can say “Sorry, I don’t understand” in Cantonese and that’s as far as it goes. I love pho, by the way. ;)

    I’ve enjoyed reading about your long awaited visit with your friend.



    • Dearest R,

      I agree, those visits are never long enough. I do keep in mind that goodbyes are always temporary and we’ll meet again.
      There’s always a difference when in person and over Skype, it’s just not the same. It’s always better in physical meetings but sometimes Skype’s all we got :(

      I used to be exposed to a lot of Mandarin when I hung out at the temple with my grandma. I did it almost two days every week for several years, I think that is how I picked most of it up.
      Pho is my all time favorite dish. I can eat it 2 times a day, all year around :) We’ll add it to the list that we need to eat once we meet.

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