Getting back to normal

The following week after Frank had been here, was kind of weird. With him being in Europe, we were in the same time zone and it was easier to talk, but also weirder in a sense. Zoe kept asking where he was, and because he forgot his water bottle here, Zoe got a bit defensive of it.

Going back to uni was a breeze. I was filled with inspiration even though there was stil la lot of frustration regarding the statistics of my thesis. So I scheduled a meeting with my supervisor and he gave me some pointers that I followed. Surprise! Getting some new insight of it all actually cleared a few clouds off my sky. The problem is still not fully resolved but at least I am now out of the frustration and can move just a little bit forward.

Aside from working hard at finishing the very prolonged thesis, I also prepared myself for the week of TA-ing. Exciting times were ahead of me.

//c_Cae; yay for updates! 


One response to “Getting back to normal

  1. Dear Caely,

    It looks like your visit with Frank gave you a boost, the mark of a good friend. :D I look forward to hearing more about the exciting times ahead for you. High five and huge hugs. <3



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