Cooking with the co-workers

I know many people are not lucky to work with people as amazing as the ones at the Aquatic Ecology unit at Lund University. These people are the reason I am always taking a bit longer at my breaks, we simply have a lot of fun. Because of this and our mutual love for food, we decided to join up for a cooking/baking day. Since Marie is the only one with a large enough kitchen and house, we decided to go there on Saturday.


A happy gang in a tiny car. Me, Huan, Sylvie and Guiseppe :)


A wild Marie appeared!

Early that Saturday, Sylvie, Guiseppe, Huan and I met up at the department for a drive to Marie’s house. Once there, we got a quick tour of the house and left for some grocery shopping.

Back at the house, we started prepping an old fashioned focaccia pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil. Since Huan is the least experienced in baking, she got a chance to learn from pizza master Guiseppe.p1140441


And into the oven they go!

Once the pizzas were in the oven, we started prepping for the dumplings. A lot of chopping later, it was done and the pizzas were taken out.


Sylvie and I :)


Pizzas! The tomato sauce was divine.

We sat down to enjoy the pizzas and they were great! There’s something about home-made pizzas that make them so good. Especially if you make them with friends that love food as much as I do. Once full, we continued the dumpling making. Little did we know, that we prepared about 100 dumplings. It took forever but once it was finally done, we all could sit down once again and enjoy our food.


On the right is my chubby little dumpling next to Huan’s. I normally don’t do them that way, but the thick dough left me no choice and we were all too hungry to do more than what was required.

We also made a lemon sponge cake. Since it was for Huan’s sake we baked it, she was the one who followed instructions. For a first timer, it turned out great, but it probably could’ve used some more whipping to get it fluffier. She promised she would practise :)


mmmm, lemon sponge cake.

So what I thought would be a short day, turned out to be a full day event. I got home around 930pm, and it probably would’ve been later had Guiseppe and Sylvie not offered to drive me all the way home. Like said, the co-workers I have are irreplaceable and worth more than their weights in gold.

//c_Cae; we all agreed to do it again~ 



2 responses to “Cooking with the co-workers

  1. Dear Caely,

    How wonderful that your coworkers are good friends as well. I can almost here the laughter rising and falling amid conversation and the aroma of good food. Thank you for sharing you day.



    • Dear R,

      Sorry for the late reply :) My coworkers are all adorable, even the new ones that seem very nervous. I understand them, though, it’s not easy moving far from home and meeting this lovely bunch of people that seem so tightly knit.

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