To TA ecosystem engineering

The following week was exciting. I had my first TA session and we were going out to field. Prepping took no more than an hour the day before, which was kind of comforting since I was running on a tight schedule. This was also the week the Dutchman headed for Twitchcon in San Diego.

Since this engineering class is so large, we had split the class in two with 30 students in each group. Within these two large groups were smaller groups, each with their own hypotheses and thoughts of what they would find out in the field. We were headed to a little lake across the county to take water samples and give the students a little insight of what could be found in a typical Scanian lake.

I was in charge of the water chemistry groups. These students were going to investigate how the surroundings of a lake could change the water chemistry. Very simple, for someone with a lot of experience. The first day of TA was introducing myself and teaching the students what a hypothesis is and how to test it out in the field.

Getting to know the students was fun. Most of them are straight off of high school, while a select few have worked a little before joining the university joy ride (or whatever to call it). Prepped and ready, I send them off and prepare for the first field day.

With the first group, promptly named group 1, they sang and were all enthusiastic about heading out to the lake and sampling. The best part of having water chemistry, was that there is relatively little to do both in field and in lab. What made it even better was that the weather was with us.


With an office like this, who could complain?

20160921_110201 20160921_110208

We weren’t as lucky with the weather on the second lake excursion, though. It was gloomy, but on the bright side we finished our sampling almost 1.5h earlier than the previous trip.

With little to do, we decided to help out the other groups so we all could wrap it all up sooner. Luckily, the sun peeked out shortly before lunch and the mood among the students significantly changed for the better.

//c_Cae; got any more of that TA thing?


2 responses to “To TA ecosystem engineering

  1. Dear Caely,

    It looks like some good times. I’m willing to bet that those students were as excited to have you as their TA as you were to teach. This blog mom is very proud of you.

    Shalom and hugs,


    • Dear blog mom,

      It was some good times! I love teaching uni students, they’re so motivated 90% of the time.
      Thanks for being proud of me (it’s not something I hear a lot).


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