Alone time

I had encouraged the Dutchman to head for Twitchcon for a while and after a lot of thinking, he finally agreed to it and wrapped everything up. All the tickets were bought, flights and hotel were booked an payed. Then came the day he was going to leave.

I had TA early in the morning and intended to see him off at the train station at least. However, plans changed quickly as the professor that hired me for TA asked if he could take me and the other assistants out to get a preview of the next field site. I agreed, thinking it wouldn’t take long. I was wrong. It took far longer than I anticipated and because of that, I couldn’t see the Dutchman off. Texting and messaging had to do and off he went to fly across the pond.

That night, it was so quiet at home. It felt so weird to be the only adult at home and having no one to talk to. It struck me more than I had accounted for and I even started missing my grandma. It passed quickly, though, and I went to bed early. That was weird, too. I had the entire bed to myself. That night I kept waking up and checked for any messages the Dutchman might have left. Of course he would be safe, but I’m of the worrying kind.

That following Friday, Zoe stayed at my parents’ and I got some good rest after a long day of teaching. The silence was now very comforting and I found myself sleeping in the middle of the bed, hogging all the free space I got. I got some good quality sleep that night without anyone snoring or trying to wake me.

//c_Cae; hello silence my good friend ;) 


2 responses to “Alone time

  1. Dear Caely,

    It’s always nice to have some alone time, particularly when you know it’s not permanent. And there’s a lot be said for having an entire bed to yourself. ;)
    I’m always happy to read your blogs and watch my blog daughter in the making.

    Shalom and hugs,


    • Dear R,

      That morning, I woke up lying diagonally across the bed and it felt wonderful! Love you lots!

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