The past week has been intense even though I haven’t had any “real” work done. I’ve applied for a few jobs and I’m about as hopeful as to get a few more rejection letters. At least one such letter brings me closer to an acceptance letter somewhere.

Lately, as in the past 6-8 months, I’ve come to realize that I am an introvert. I’m very social when it comes to it, but once I leave any social setting, I feel drained and it takes me days (sometimes even a full week) to recover. Today is such a day. Last weekend was intense and I feel like I wanna turn into burrito mode and just do something that doesn’t require any social skills.

It came to my attention after Zoe’s birthday last year. The preparations took 2 weeks and once it was all finished, I was out of it for another 2 weeks. Then came Christmas and all the hype that’s around that and it drained me even more. Around that time, I first thought it was due to stress but it wasn’t it. I was doing nothing but my thesis and had just finished TA.

So here I am again all tired and out of energy to do anything other than spending time with myself whenever that is possible. Got a meeting today so will have to push through that. I’m sure it will be fine but after this week, I’ll have to get a lot of me-time before I do anything else.

//c_Cae; can any other introvert relate to this? Lemme know!


4 responses to “Exhausted

  1. My dear Caely,

    We are alike in the introvert department. Burrito mode. I like that. I spend hours in my cozy hideaway and I like it.
    I’m sending prayers and good thoughts your way for just the right job. Know that someone miles away in the Midwest USA is keeping you close in her heart and mind.
    Remember to rest when you need to. Sometimes it’s what we need. Just a time to sequester in a ‘vegetative state.’ That’s when I watch old black and white reruns on TV or lose myself in a book.
    Still proud of you.
    Love your blog mom,


    • Dear blog mom,
      Burrito mode was my standard mode for about a month after I posted this. I’M better now, much thanks to that. I took yours and D’s advice to heart (as I normally do). I always think of you. Whenever I see coffee (which is a lot), every time I see gravlax at the grocery store and so on.
      Thanks for watching over me.

      Lots of love,
      blog daughter Caely

  2. Dearest Caely,

    I know exhausted. It will pass. Rest, then rest some more.

    Oh, and that looking for work thing? It will find you soon enough. Be discriminating about what you say yes to and don’t compromise your standards just to get your foot in the door. Let your imagination and your intelligence and your passion be your guide.

    But first chill a bit and then some more… you’ve earned it.



    • My dear D,

      It did pass! I took your words to heart and did nothing but tend to myself for a good four weeks. It worked wonders and I am now kind of back on track. Thank you so much for watching over me <3.

      ps. my email seem to be weird in receiving some mails from certain mail servers (hotmail for instance almost never reach my inbox, not sure about gmail though…). maybe that is why I haven't gotten anything from you :( ds

      Love you lots,

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