Schools schools schools

I know being a parent is difficult at times, but right now the hardest thing I have to do is to do thorough checks on potential schools Zoe can attend. This is so hard. There are no schools that meet my requirements (read: there are no schools that measure to my standards). I, myself, went to a school whose neighborhood was filled with high criminality (read gangs including bikers and a lot of junkies/drunks). I still did good because my mom made it clear you don’t go anywhere unless you finish school properly. I was convinced that if you weren’t a straight A student, you’re a failure not only in school but also in life. So, I fought hard and always finished top 5% of my classes. Not good enough for Asian standards obviously but I felt good about it. My parents didn’t have a choice of sending me to a proper school but we made do.

Here I am and I want to give Zoe the best thing I can get. The problem is, most schools don’t even have teachers that are eligible to teach. It’s troubling for sure, given many, but far from everyone, youngsters today think school is a playground. Of course this damages class morale but I don’t want Zoe to struggle more than necessary. If anything, she is like her father. If things are too easy, she will get lazy. If things are too hard, she’ll give up. I have to choose wisely. Wish me luck ;)

//c_Cae; this is difficult indeed.


Desktop layout and the Overwatch Scrub Cup

Hi guys!
It’s been a while and I hear my muse whispering and urging me to write so here I am.

As mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve signed up for an inofficial e-sports tournament in Overwatch. I never thought I’d like the game so much but I do and it feels great. Whenever I can, I spend my time on getting better at it. So, to challenge myself even more, I signed up for this Scrub Cup tourney. Each team is randomly assembled and are assigned a coach. With my team, dubbed Bird’s Eggs (because our coach’s nickname is Bird), we’ve practiced a bit and played our first match yesterday. The rules of the tournament is that you are not to exceed the in-game ranking value of 2700. Our enemy team were missing a player and had to find a substitute. What we didn’t know, was that this substitute actually had a much higher ranking than the tournament allows. This meant that the 2 hours we played had to be forfeited and re-played since the substitute violated the rules. It felt awful at first but it also taught me where my skill level is. Whenever I face someone above the ranks of 3300 (highest ranking the game allows in this point system  is 5000), I feel very much out of place. That’s when the game feels overwhelming to me. Anything below 3000 I can keep up with. This happening to our team on our first match definitely hurt the team morale a little bit but we won our game earlier today :)

Okay, enough about gaming. For a while now, I’ve unsuccessfully been trying to find a clean app that can display time, date and weather. Today, I got a tip on such an app and tada~

I’m still a bit dissatisfied with the weather part but I’m sure I’ll find a new one soon. And yes, that is an Aston Martin V8 Vantage from 2008 and yes, I’ve had this background since 2008. I will change it once this car stands in my driveway ;)

//c_Cae; soon, I’ll improve on Overwatch even more.