Arnhem adventures part I

A few months back, I booked hotel and flight tickets to the Netherlands in order to visit some friends I’ve met on Twitch. We’d been talking of meeting for a while now and we didn’t know what exactly to expect.

My flight left around 11am on last Friday and the trip over to Copenhagen was smooth. I was beyond excited. For one, I had never flown alone before  and I was kind of nervous because I didn’t really know how to airport! Luckily, things are pretty straight forward. Check in, get boarding pass, go through security, find gate and get on plane. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Flight there was neat, I was feeling social but was crammed between two very silent people. A little bit of a shame but luckily, I had a few episodes of Elementary downloaded on Netflix to watch. Once I arrived to Schiphol, it wasn’t as confusing as I was led to believe. The cabin crew had kindly provided every passenger a map over the airport to make it easier to navigate through it. It was simple really, as long as you don’t overthink it. The airport itself is shaped like a tree so navigating through it can be very confusing. Luckily, I had remembered the map the cabin crew provided before I stepped off the plane so getting to the train station was fairly easy.

Originally, my friends and I planned to meet up at the airport as it’s on route to Arnhem but due to delays, our plans had to change. New plans made and I had to get my butt to Amsterdam Centraal to pick up sensei. While I waited for sensei’s bus to arrive, I was promptly greeted by Dutch mosquitoes. Gosh, there are no words how much I dislike those pesky little shits. Anyway, once sensei arrived we hugged it out and went on our way to Arnhem to see Jacky and Mitch!

Of course, we caught up a bit and we both agreed how awesome it was to be able to see each other again after only a few months since our last encounter. We also played with the idea of going to Japan together. It’d be great if we can pull that off soon. After a boring and seemingly very long train ride, we finally rolled into Arnhem Centraal and tada, there she was! Jacky met us on the platform, hugs and giggles ensued.

The heat was unbearable but luckily, our hotel wasn’t that far away from the train station. Once we checked in and had left our luggage in our room, we ventured out to the city. Arnhem is a little town situated in the southern parts of the Netherlands. It felt very intimate to stroll down its streets and much of it reminded me of Lund, my alma mater city. Jacky toured us briefly around it and we ended up seeing awesome architecture before we sat down at an Asian restaurant for dinner. Much like the city of Arnhem, the restaurant was intimate and very cozy. It even had several sakura trees as decor. Needless to say, it served many Japanese specialties for a reasonable price. What struck me most was that many things there were cheaper in comparison to home. I found a 1.5l Arizona ice tea for €2. Back home, that price would bring me half a liter only.

We didn’t do much more that first day, other than be mindblown over how amazing it was to finally meet. The best part? We behave exactly the same way face to face as we do online.

This church is under construction but I think they somehow ran out of money and to raise more, they throw techno parties in there. Imagine the acoustics…
Old post office turned bar/cafe.
Old post office building. It was stunning in the evening sun.
At the restaurant. These pots and trees were everywhere.
Maguro (tuna) and unagi (eel). Omnomnom.
Duck, beef and sushi.
Yes, I love these friends enough to share food with them <3

//Cae; back home writing this and I miss my friends even more. 


2 Replies to “Arnhem adventures part I”

  1. Dear Caely,

    It wounds like a lovely time was had by all. I’m looking forward to reading the next two parts of your adventures. I’m glad you were able to get away and meet your friends. ;) <3

    Shalom and much love,

    Your Blog Mom, Rochelle

    PS The food looks divine.

    1. Dear R,

      It was! I still can’t believe I went :)
      The food was great, although I probly would’ve made better myself but it passed much thanks to my company :)

      Lots of love,
      Cae <3

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