Arnhem adventures part II

For our second, and only whole, day in Arnhem we didn’t plan much. We decided to meet up early, around 11pm to continue strolling around in town and maybe look for souvenirs. I really wanted to buy a small Princess Peach or a little Yoshi figurine for Zoe but couldn’t find any for a reasonable price. I had also noticed a vinyl store on our first day there and we went in to check it out. It was awesome because I really wanted to find a Hotel California vinyl. I have been for a while but they’re hard to come by here. Sadly, it was way too expensive so I had to skip it this time. We went on to an Asian store to buy some ramen we had planned to cook for dinner that day.

At first we were wandering around aimlessly until Jacky said she needed to go to this store by the central station. Overwhelmed by the different smells in said store, we looked around, talked about family and how awesome our friendships are. A little while after entering the store, it felt like we all forgot what we were doing there and we left. From no where, Jacky is all Hey, wonder where he is? 
Where who is, I thought and then we flipping saw David pop up. We were gonna meet up in Arnhem all of us, including David, but due to some circumstances, those plans were changed and we thought David wouldn’t make it. But we were fooled and it turns out he and Jacky had already plotted to surprise us by having David come by for the day! I was thrilled David came along, and I’m pretty sure many people at the station stared at me as I raised my arms in the air and basically jump-hugged David, haha.

The first thing we talk about was of course food. It was past lunch time and we had no clue what to eat but since we were all simple people, we decided to just sit down at the Burger King that was located in the station. During our meal, a stranger sat himself down by the piano and started playing a song from the game Detroit Become Human. Now the song is even better because we created a fond memory while hearing it outside of game play. It was magical.

Shortly after we finished our meal, we decided to play some Pokemon Go. Yes, nerdy we know. We hurried across the street to catch an ongoing raid and we all nerded it out. When we were done kicking ass, we hopped into the car to head for the supermarket. We needed some more groceries for dinner and by being efficient, we did all the shopping fairly quick and got back to the car to head to Jacky’s apartment. Once we got there, we finally met Mitch! Again, lots of hugs and we talked like never before. Many more questions though, and I felt so much closer to these people than ever before. Most the time, we were complaining about the weather as we chilled out on the balcony. The best part? We could sit in silence without it ever being awkward. That is what true friendship is like.

Unfortunately, David had to leave us after a couple of hours and it was pretty heartbreaking to see him leave. After dropping him off at the station, we headed home and made that ramen bowl. I love cooking and I love cooking for friends even though the ramen didn’t turn out anything like I really wanted it to. I have to admit, though, I simplified it because it was convenient. I’ll have to make up for it next time. Nonetheless, the dinner turned out great and we still had a great time.

Since Jacky was gonna drive us back to the hotel, we decided not to overstay our welcome and left shortly after dinner. It got pretty late but we had to tuck in as the next day would be our last and we’d have to make the trip to Amsterdam.

-sobs- It was expensive :(
The roof of Arnhem station,
Our dinner.

//Cae; and that was one of the top5 best days of my life so far. It was simple and full of love. 


3 Replies to “Arnhem adventures part II”

  1. Dear Caely,

    I can imagine your jump hug. I think I did something similar the first time I met our mutual friend for the first time in person. (Long high jump…;) ) And being able to sit silently with a friend and never have to say a word is what he called ‘companionable silence.’ We would sit for hours on Skype, each of us writing, not saying a word and basking in each other’s presence. (missing that.)
    At any rate, there I go making your blog about me. I didn’t mean to do that. Suffice it to say i enjoyed being included in your adventure. Now on to Part III.

    Shalom and hugs,

    Blog Mom Rochelle

    1. My dear R,

      I can definitely picture yours. Our mutual friend is much taller than you, is he not? Unless my memory fails me ;)
      Ah, I like the expression of ‘companionable silence’, I think he’s the only one that could coin such a phrase.
      I don’t mind you riddling my blog with a lot about you. I love stories, remember? <3

      blog daughter Cae

      1. He’s 6’4″ and I’m 5′ nothing. So you could say he’s much taller than I. ;) Missing the big lug, I am, too.

        Blog mom, Rochelle

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