Arnhem adventures part III

After a good night’s sleep, sensei decided not to join me for breakfast and so I left on my own to enjoy the first meal of the day. Unlike the previous morning, the dining room was packed. There were so many people, I saw how stressed the staff was.  If stress had a face, they surely represented it well. I grabbed what I wanted and partially dreaded to drink the coffee, although I knew it was the best I could find for the moment. The hotel we stayed at was brilliant. Lovely rooms and decent staff. It had but one flaw and that was their coffee. Their coffee is best described as colored water. It was so poorly brewed that I personally think I had more caffeine in my earl grey tea. Once I had added a splash of milk, it resembled milk more than it did coffee. Regardless, I enjoyed my breakfast much thanks to my ability to enjoy personal time.

I returned to our room and packed whatever needed to be packed. Our light packing made it easy. It was done in a few minutes and we awaited Jacky’s arrival before checking out. None of us could believe this weekend flew by so quickly and I think we grew very accustomed to the phrase See you tomorrow! It felt amazing to say and I could feel the slight uneasiness as our goodbyes came closer by the minute. A last stroll around Arnhem, ramen for lunch and we took our leave to Amsterdam. Many idiots in traffic, as usual but we made it there unscathed. Finding a parking spot proved to be difficult but we found one after some vigorous searching.

We were gonna see sensei off first, as his bus was departing several hours before my flight. For every minute that passed, my heart grew heavier. I know goodbyes are temporary and we’d meet soon. Nonetheless, it was difficult. It is rare to find one person you can entirely be yourself around and here I was with two. The line for sensei’s bus grew and eventually we had to hug it out and let him board. We were going to take a group photo but even with the three of us, our brains couldn’t remember that and it wasn’t until sensei’s bus was long gone that we realized we had forgotten.

After sensei boarded, us girls decided to leave for Amsterdam. For once, my debit card worked and I got my train ticket. 2 stops later and we were at Schiphol again. This time I wasn’t nervous and I was thankful to be able to spend some precious hours alone with Jacky. I don’t know why, but we have a special connection. No, not that kind of connection. We are similar but we’re different. We’re the type of friends that only need to hint of something and the other will understand completely. Sensei and I are similar like that, too. I’m convinced sensei and I are capable of communicating through humming alone. Anyway, some girl time was much needed. I don’t usually get along with that many girls and since Jacky is one of them, I really wanted to treasure it. A quick lookaround at Schiphol and we decided to find a café and just hang out over coffee. Or as we call it in Sweden – fika (best thing ever, btw). We shared a chocolate muffin because those were huge and why not, haha. I loved how we talked without really talking but still 100% understood each other.

Time is flies when you’re having fun and before we knew it, Jacky had to leave. I reluctantly pushed her to catch an earlier train because I knew she also had a 1h drive back home to Arnhem and I didn’t want Mitch to worry too much. Off she went and I felt how heavy my heart grew. I felt stumped but went on to check in. I figured I could spend the remaining 2.5h before boarding in the tax free area. It was a disappointment though since I couldn’t find any souvenirs or any of my favorite perfumes to bring home. A bit bummed out, I ventured to my gate. Despite getting several reminders from my dear friends, I still forgot to buy water to bring on the plane. As I sat by my gate, I spaced out and suddenly I had to board. Plane was full but if anything, I admired how the crew prioritized families flying with toddlers and first class passengers first. That way, it would be less of a hassle when the rest of the passengers were going to board.

Finally on the plane, I thought we would make it in time. As soon as I had finished processing that thought, the crew announced that the flight might be delayed due to the plane being so full. We were supposed to take off at 2105 but we didn’t leave ground until 2135. Interesting, I thought to myself and figured that it’s better to arrive late than not at all. I thought I might get home around 1am or so and that’d be alright still. Somehow, the pilot managed to touch Danish ground precisely on time. I don’t know how he did it but we landed 2235 (the initial ETA) and as soon as we touched ground, we heard Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Copenhagen, followed by a giggle. It was heartfelt and shortly thereafter, we could get off and I hurried through it all to catch my train back to Malmö.

The rest of the trip home went on smoothly and somehow my short trip had already rewired my brain enough to find it weird hearing and reading Swedish everywhere. The only thing that threw me off was the bus ride home. I met an old acquaintance and we chatted the whole ride. Catching up and I remembered why we lost contact. He did something, I can’t recall exactly what, and refused to apologize. We stopped talking after that but I remember I could read him like an open book and I knew he had feelings for me. That night, he told me and I said I knew all along. Luckily, my stop was the next one after he told me and I promptly took my leave.

Once I got home, a four-legged doofus almost started barking, then he realized who got home and he looked euphoric. As tired as I was, I greeted him before taking a shower and went to bed. What a day. What a weekend.

Hi, new friend!
They had deer strolling around in a park. Very neat :D
For lunch before departure to Amsterdam, we had ramen at the local ramen shop. It was a bit greasy for my taste but it was good nonetheless. 10/10 would recommend. Would be nicer if they had some Ramune too :3
Everyone’s on the roller-band thingy and I walked faster than they moved.

//Cae; totally didn’t hold back tears on the flight home


2 Replies to “Arnhem adventures part III”

  1. Dear Caely,

    That was quite a weekend. Sounds like fun. and nice that Bentley greeted you at the door. ;)

    I found myself relating to the travel part as I just returned this past week from spending a week with my brother. A very healing and wonderful time. Here’s a link to the blog I just posted about it. ( I hope you’ll read and enjoy. – I thought about you as I was carried by wave after wave in the Atlantic)

    Glad you’re home safe and I hope all is well on your side of the planet.


    Blog Mom Rochelle

    1. Dear blog mom,

      It was an amazing weekend. I hope to recreate it sometime soon.

      I shall read your post right away! I miss your writing (and the writing of a certain islander turned Kiwi).

      Heatwave is finally over and we’ve now had 2 days of grey and rain. Much needed although it feels much more like fall than it does late summer. I hope things are well on your end too.

      Lots of hugs and love,
      blog daughter Cae

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