Behind these pixels

A current Master’s student in aquatic ecology of Lund University, I am a person with many interests. As a student, I’m working on my Master’s thesis about publication bias in marine climate change reports with special regards to two political events (namely Climategate and the controversy surrounding the IPCC’s AR4). I also work part-time as a laboratory assistant dealing with culturing of various species of Antarctic algae and nuisance algae for the Rengefors lab at the same university.

Challenges are what make my mind grow. I constantly need stimuli from my surroundings as I quickly can grow bored of things. By keeping as many projects as possible, I let it drive me forward towards my dream of working in Australia.

Right now, I’m onto my greatest challenge: balancing the family, student and work life. Exciting, and very fitting for the workoholic that I am. On my spare time, I spend it with my daughter Zoe and when she allows it, I read a lot. History is currently something that has caught my attention, and I particularly enjoy reading parts of history revolving South-east Asia and the parts of history that the average history teacher forgot about. So here, I am, balancing it all.

Here, I write what it’s like being me, what it’s like having so many things going on and mostly, how much I eat and goof around denying I’m 30.


3 responses to “Behind these pixels

  1. Skördefesten

    Cool sajt! Hörs?

  2. At 25, you have the whole world ahead of you! I tended bar in all manner of joints… stay sober, learn, and don’t grow up to fast, Caely.

    Enjoy Australia when you get there.

  3. 26? I’m sure I have shoes older!

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