Behind these pixels

Hey there and welcome!

This is where I write about anything that crosses my mind. I’m a marine biologist that stream games on Twitch and occasionally work as a marketing promoter for different brands and their products.

I’m 31, curious and try to balance family with the pleasure that I find in playing video games. For now, my newest challenges are to make it to partnership on Twitch and maybe venture into the world of marketing. Come join me ;)



3 responses to “Behind these pixels

  1. Skördefesten

    Cool sajt! Hörs?

  2. At 25, you have the whole world ahead of you! I tended bar in all manner of joints… stay sober, learn, and don’t grow up to fast, Caely.

    Enjoy Australia when you get there.

  3. 26? I’m sure I have shoes older!

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