Trying something new

Still no kiddo…

For the past few years, I’ve tried to discover new things. And since I was engulfed in the Japanese culture from an early age (I was introduced to Dragon Ball at age 5), I figured I’d take on the next thing: Korea. So since around high school, I’ve tried to discover its culture, and to be honest; I have failed. I’m still trying though, and just now I stumbled upon a video of a very popular group. I’ve heard a few songs, but most of them just don’t appeal to me. However, I know Korean things are the next big thing. Just look at what kind of storm PSY has hit the world with and you’ll know what I mean.

So any opinions and tips on Korean music is welcome. All other music is too. You can never get too much.

//c_Cae; GW2! 


Just a thought

A thought just came to mind. Something that many take for granted. I’m about holding hands. I just realized that when kiddo comes and we’re out with the carriage, I can’t hold hands with the Dutchman. Bullocks. Oh well, it’ll work out somehow.

And tomorrow, we’ll make a few final calls around town and to family members (the latter for updates). Can’t really reveal into you guys just yet but it’s a good thing :)

Until next time, cheers!

//c_Cae; but, I like holding hands :/

Pull the trigger

After seeing our nurse today, I decided to take a walk from downtown to my mother’s in hopes of triggering contractions. That was a fail. So here I am, back at the apartment and nothing. Absolutely nothing happened. Okay, that’s a lie. After that 30-40min walk, my feet were completely numb. Felt nice to have actually walked that much, but I was kind of let down when nothing happened. Had hoped to see kiddo today. On the other hand, I hope to see kiddo every day, haha (never trust a mother on her opinion of her children, she is always biased as biased can be!).

So basically I just spent the day switching between watching The Mentalist and looking out the window. I figured I needed something to fill the lack of intellect I’ve been feeling lately. Because people insist on talking to my baby bump instead of me, my intellect is taking the toll. I mean, the other day someone asked me a biology question and my mind was blank. BLANK ON A BIOLOGY QUESTION! When I use caps lock on something, it’s severe haha. It took me a good while before I got to a decent answer, and that’s when it came to me that I needed to stimulate my intellect. So after watching a random episode of The Mentalist on TV, the Dutchman and I decided to give it a go. And now I am hooked…

//c_Cae; shower! 

To the countryside

Right now, we’re on our way to kiddo’s Opa and Oma to return the car we’ve been using the past month. We had hoped kiddo would’ve arrived before then but I guess s/he is too shy for the outside world. I try to convince her/him that it’s not that bad and that mommy and daddy has his/her back.

We also went to check out an apartment. It was alright, and it would probably work as a temporary stay, but we’ll see. Time will tell, much like anything else.

It’s rainy and I love it.


//Cae; live from an A6 on the highway

End of each month

Around this time every month, I feel seriously adult. Why? Bills, that’s why. We all have to pay them and we all have mixed feelings about them. Personally, I hate doing them because I feel robbed because I’m a poor student haha.

Often, I think that I can do it in 20min and get it over-with. But no, I don’t only pay my own bills. Paying my own bills are easy, it takes a few minutes to look them over, calculate the sum and then just pay them over the internet. But as mentioned, I don’t only pay my own bills. I also do my parents’ bills. And my parents, being Asian, are extreme perfectionist or whatever to call them. Every month, they save all the bills as they arrive, and around this time of the month, they sum it all up. Growing up, I was told Asian people were good at math, and so I draw the conclusion that my parents (being better at math than I) would do this quickly. But no. Right now, I’ve spent 40 minutes waiting for my mom to assemble her bills and sum them all up. And I who thought I could do this quick so I can go play Guild Wars. Bleh, being adult once a month sucks haha.

Kiddo is still not here. My feet are so swollen, I can barely fit in my awesome silver sneakers. My toes look like sausages. Needless to say, I hate it.

The apartment is sold and we can finally search for a new apartment for real, and not worry about getting the current one sold.

So yeah, that’s about it. Also, I forgot to mention in my previous post that kiddo was due November 16th, so if you want to change your bets, then by all means.

//c_Cae; happy belated Turkey day! (btw this is post 666)

Kind of as promised

So curling my hair went so-so last night. Basically, it ended up being a little wavy. Thus, I’m trying to do it again tonight and we’ll see if it works a second time. I’m happy I decided to try this because my hair is as straight as straight can be. I remember the countless times I have invested hundreds of crowns at salons where two hours and several bottles of sprays didn’t even manage to get close to curly. Okay, maybe once it worked. For 20 minutes. That time, I was going to a wedding, by the time I got to the event, my hair was straight again… So, yes, I am happy this seem to work haha.

And I know I promised a picture of my curly hair but since I didn’t succeed, this picture of my straight hair and my baby bump will have to do for now :) (ps. haven’t slept properly for days so I look like roadkill, or at least feel like it…)

Oh! And my winter jacket is on its way, yay! Okay, that was unintentional rhyming. Whops :)

//c_Cae; off to watch some more MasterChef