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Meet Serah

The stress from the holidays have just gone away. It only took one month for me to get over it and now I have to brace myself for the stress that is the month of March, where  ~85% of the Dutchman’s family celebrate their birthdays. I’m not stressed, I have no idea what you’re talking about…

To a different matter, meet Serah.



We’ve wanted a dog for some time now, and I still REALLY want a shiba (because let’s face it, they’re perfect). Before the shiba-plans, we intended to rescue a dog. The problem was only that most rescue dogs are not suitable with kids and that’s a problem. Then, we found a site and a puppy that was alright with kids and she was adorable on the pictures. Sarah (the name her foster home gave her), along with her 8 siblings, were found in a paperbag by a highway when they were just a few weeks old. Someone had dumped them there like garbage but a kind soul had found them and took them to a pound. Unfortunately, we only know the whereabouts of Sarah and her sister Sally. I’m not sure if Sally has found her furever home yet.

We obviously fell for Sarah and thought we could just apply and see where it took us. This we did right before New Year’s Eve and we went about thinking it’d take a while before we actually got a reply. It did not take as long as we’d anticipated. Two weeks after we sent our adoption applications in, the agency called us asking us a bunch of questions. After that, several phone calls were made and we found out that Sarah would come to Sweden and was ready for pick-up the following Tuesday. This completely stressed me out and I’m still stressed out about it.

I had to pick her up alone and when we met, Sarah was a bundle of smelly puppy dynamite. I didn’t blame her. She did spend 3 days in a car with a bunch of other dogs and had a rough past. I’ve never had a dog in my life and I really don’t know much other than what I’ve read about shibas. I was, and still am, very focused on that breed and naturally, my knowledge is limited to how to handle things with shibas only.

A lot of googling and reading took place the first days Sarah was with us. We decided to name her Serah as to put our own twist to it (it’s a Final Fantasy reference). So far, she’s shown a lot of promise to agility and obedience. I have already managed to teach her paw, sit, lie down, jump and heel (to some extent) on command. It’s amazing how quick she learns. Table manners on the other hand is more difficult and outdoors she gets very distracted. I don’t blame her, the world is a big place for a puppy with insecurities. She does push my patience to the utmost limits, more so than Zoe ever did.

We don’t know what kind of breed she is, but her passport says lab-mix. I don’t know what that means but I get the feeling there’s a lot of retriever in her. She already fetches things and she has webbed paws. Now, if we can get her to like water, that’d be great.

//c_Cae; more to come, gotta get ready for stream


Puppy plans

I’ll start from the top. After we lost Penny, the Dutchman and I discussed if we could ever have another cat. The answer was simple, since both our allergies were triggered (to different extents) by Penny, we just couldn’t have another cat. One thing led to another, and we started talking about maybe getting a dog. Our schedules would never allow the dog to be alone for more than 3 hours, which is perfect. After that discussion, the dog plans kind of died off until we left to visit a friend, who at the time had two rottweilers. My interest in dogs sparked again, and so it was brought up again, but like before it got paused.

Then a few months ago, I got hooked on the shiba inu and couldn’t get enough of it. I looked for forums, breeders, and read everything that I could find on the breed. The more I read, the more I loved. Eventually, it got to the point where I tried to find things that would discourage me of getting one. But I couldn’t. I found its stubbornness charming, it’s food-motivated behaviour cute (because I’m the same, haha), and its fox-like looks were just absolutely adorable.

The Dutchman noticed this, and asked if I wanted one. Of course I wanted one, I’d been obsessing over them for a good while. After a good discussion, with the Dutchman telling me to go for it because I want it, we decided that we were gonna do it. A puppy it is.

I’ve found a breeder in town, and I’m gonna mail her soon. Even though saving up money for a puppy will probably take a year, it can’t hurt to get myself involved as early as possible. I don’t want to decide what kind of color I want. Heck, I don’t even care what gender the future dog will be. I want to build a trustful relationship with the breeder and have the breeder/the puppy pick me. After all, this is a family member that I intend to keep around for a good 15 years.

The shiba is a very challenging breed. It needs a lot of mental training beside the regular physical training. Since I learned this, I’ve thought of various things to stimulate dogs: toys, games and what not. All of them being food-motivated of course. I’d say I’m ready. The only time I’d be reluctant to walk it would be if it was a storm outside, but that’s it.

Resistance is futile!

And I don’t worry about Zoe’s reaction to a dog. She’s asked about it ever since she met the cutest chihuahua not long ago. I was over the moon when Haley, the chihuahua, sat in my lap and cuddled for what felt like hours. Zoe was curious and I taught her how to approach a dog properly. Since then, she’s even asked about dogs. I asked her if she wanted a dog and the answer was like any kid, of course a yes.

//c_Cae; can’t wait for this to happen!!! the wait is killing me