On the road again

Hi everyone! sorry for the low update, Zoe’s in her needy phase.

We got our first proper snow the other night and its freezing cold outside. Freezing as in “I put my two warmest pair of socks on and I’m still cold”.

The past nights, I’ve been having Zoe in our bed since she’s really needy at the moment. I don’t like needy, ask any of my friends and they’d agree, but Zoe is my only exception (the mommy brain is speaking!). There isn’t really much else we can do, because in her own bed she’d only sleep an hour at the time while she sleeps 4-6 hours straight in ours.

We also had an awesome apartment that we thought would be ours, but we lost it because someone else outbid us :( More chances will come, I’m sure of it. Life isn’t all about downs anyway.

The snow had has me craving ice cream and snowball fights but the latter isn’t really fun with a baby in your arms :( There’s a part of me that wants to put Zoe in the snow and see what kind of deformed snow angel she’d make haha. Poor kid, having me as a mom ;)

And I’ve totally sold my soul to The Mentalist, I even dream of the show now. Great. We’ve soon caught up to the latest episode and I wonder what it’ll make me do once that happens. But I guess season three of Game Of Thrones will do. If not, I can always get my dose of Simon Baker in The Guardian. Hah, I’m horrible!

Anyways, I’ll update with some pictures once I’ve sorted them. If not, I’ll just toss them in, I bet you guys will like them anyway ;) cheers!


Oh, I want this;



To the countryside

Right now, we’re on our way to kiddo’s Opa and Oma to return the car we’ve been using the past month. We had hoped kiddo would’ve arrived before then but I guess s/he is too shy for the outside world. I try to convince her/him that it’s not that bad and that mommy and daddy has his/her back.

We also went to check out an apartment. It was alright, and it would probably work as a temporary stay, but we’ll see. Time will tell, much like anything else.

It’s rainy and I love it.


//Cae; live from an A6 on the highway