Big day for a little girl

The Dutchman and I have gotten a frequently asked question lately. People we meet keep asking whether Zoe has started walking. Ever since we started training her leg strength since she was five months (she’s one of those babies that doesn’t like being still, not even when she couldn’t roll around), we’ve kind of longed for her to be able to walk. Today, she did that. She walked all by herself! No need to add that we’re super-proud. She also said her name for the first time! So yeah, a lot of things happened today in her development.

I guess soon she’ll run around the apartment, being as reckless as ever. We’ve also noticed that she pretends to read stuff, and she even recognizes the letters A and T. Super-weird, but interesting nonetheless.

"And here, you see that there's important stuff written on it."
“And here, you see that there’s important stuff written on it.”

It’s hilarious!
As for school, things are tuning down a little bit, but hopefully only for a little while. You guys know me by now, I really don’t like slow paces. However, I hope the fly project is still on (since I haven’t been in the lab in forever). If not, I’m thinking I might get something else for my thesis. Life, it keeps giving me lemons, and I intend to make orange juice and have people wonder how I did it.

I’ve also noticed how people tend to jump to the conclusion that since I have a kid, it automatically makes me tired all the time. That’s not true, I’m only tired on days where I haven’t gotten enough sleep. Which are most nights when I decide to work until 1-2am, fully aware that I need to get up 4-5 hours later. I do it to myself, and it has nothing to do with the fact that I have a child. It’s like it’s a common conclusion people make when I’m sitting there being honest. Same thing when people tell me they need more than 2 days off every week. Being cleared of work is nice, I must admit, but only in moderate doses. When I told them, they’d never want to trade their everyday life with mine, they were all “but you’re a mom, that’s different. You kind of have to be busy all the time.” 

I do understand that motherhood comes first, but that shouldn’t be the reason as to why I am busy or tired. It’s like I’m being judged from just being a mom, and that it kind of makes me disqualified for things that I am besides being a mother. Oh well, I guess I can’t help how others think.

And my kindness toward people is paying off! Zoe wasn’t feeling well this morning and I had to stay at home, leaving my group by themselves. Thankfully, they understood my situation. I can’t express how thankful I am, but I’m sure they know. I have really adopted the “treat everyone equally, because you don’t know their story”. And it pays off! I’m loving it!

Yup, truly some words to live by.

//c_Cae; race against time! must wash hair before it gets too late~


Why defend being nerd/geek?

There is no need. I just read a blog post about someone defending the fact that they watch shows that are considered lame to some people. Instantly, it comes to my mind that there is no need to defend a part of who you are. You just are the way you are, perfect and irreplaceable to some. The ones who can’t accept you for who you are, simply don’t want to understand what is important to you, let it be some “lame” show or cosplay. Whatever it is, it’ll always be a part of you. During some times of your life, those parts will be stronger and during some times they will be weaker. But nevertheless, they will always be there helping you to be you. Denying something you love, is denying yourself. So please don’t ever forget what makes you you. Ever.

There are so many thoughts I wish to sort out and tell the world about. Luckily, it’s raining today. That always helps me sort thoughts out. But I really do miss the sun, so smile whoever you are. Smile for yourself, smile for someone else. Just do it, you know you want to.

//c_Cae; is probably thinking too much again