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It feels like a million things have happened since I last posted. While not literally a million things have happened, but many have. I’ll try not to be too long about it, but I still want to keep you readers in the loop despite not being able to update here as much as I’d like to.

Being one of the most difficult decisions in my life, we ultimately decided to let Serah go. Zoe kept locking herself in her room, crying whenever Serah as much as looked at her when we ate, and repeatedly telling us how scared she was of Serah. Serah, being the pup she is, just looked curiously at Zoe, wondering why this little human was acting the way she does. I can understand Zoe. It is scary to have a dog that’s almost double your own size and is still growing. It pained (and still does) me a lot to see Serah go, but I’m also a mother that want my child to feel safe at home. I still miss Serah every day. I get a striking pain in my chest whenever I think of her. Of course, my frustration is back because there’s nothing to fill in for Serah. We’ll get a dog, a smaller one for sure, but we don’t know when. Until then I have to cope. Besides, Zoe is back to her old self, only she keeps naming anything dog-related Haylee.

My thesis is taking up a lot of time, as usual. I had another round of corrupted data and so I had to do it all over from what I could salvage from October last year. It took me a week, but it’s all back and even improved. I’ve been writing like my life literally depended on it. I came to realise that I still love doing this even though the curveballs have been abundant and lately, they’ve been harder to handle too. In the meantime of writing my thesis, I have also come to terms with a few things. I started applying for jobs outside my field because no PhD opportunities were coming up and everyone I talked to seemed to be more keen on getting new post-docs instead. It had me thinking, that if nothing shows up (it really didn’t feel like it), I might as well look for a 9-5 job outside my expertise and do the marine bio stuff on my spare time. If I can’t do what I love, find something that pays enough for me to do it, I kept telling myself. It is better to secure each month’s pay check than to worry about it. At some point, I thought I had convinced myself that a life outside academia is what was better, at least for the time being.

Or at least that’s what it was like until I dropped in at the unit on Wednesday. That’s when I heard about the new PhD postings. One of them, I am very interested in. I have no idea how successful I will be if I applied, but I am applying. It’ll always be a missed shot if I don’t take it and let’s face it, no one likes 100% failure. There are so many things I’m insecure about. I have no doubt my work ethics or my workaholic tendencies are top notch. What I doubt about is that my thesis has been incredibly dragged out. I still don’t feel much smarter about statistics, nor am I anywhere near confident of what I have produced so far. I’ve tried to explain to my supervisor why I feel like this, but there seem to be little to zero room for listening. It’s all about achievements. I hate that I let my emotional state from my private life affect my professional life. I try my best to keep the two separated, but each time the word cancer pops up I just feel petrified (I’m okay, it’s a family member, though). Some friends tell me I’m a very private person, yet I blog and I live stream when playing games. I still doubt about my own abilities. I sometimes even feel that there is so much doubt, I’m hindering myself from growth. It doesn’t help that several colleagues encourage me and tells me, in these words Not every master’s student is like you, you know? PhD material. I don’t know. If I was that kind of material, why have my thesis taken so long?

I can’t blame it on my eye condition, and I can’t blame it on working so much last year. Just those two, took away at least 12 months of time. Each time I have my eye examined, I’m thrown off work for at least three days if nothing goes wrong. I can’t blame it on these two things. Work I chose to keep because I needed the money and I needed to get away from the computer every now and then. My eye condition is genetic. They’re just explanations.

This has never resonated with me the way it does right now.

//c_Cae; full of doubts :(

one more quickie

Hey everyone.

Hope you’re all good. I’m trying not to melt away here. Last week was freezing cold and this week we’re hitting up toward 75F again.

I’m sitting here singing my heart out because it feels good. I also feel my voice is slightly off. It’s probably because I haven’t sung in a while. Here’s the song I’m warming up with


Just wanted to tell y’all I’m back to streaming again. Will attempt to beat Final Fantasy X one more time after the random number generator whopped my ass last night. See you there?

//c_Cae; singing is incredibly soothing for my soul right now


Hi everyone!

I’ve been lazy lately. It started with 2 weeks off my thesis and ended up with 5 weeks of doing mostly nothing. That has resulted in a very exhausted me, because I hate sitting still, I’ve been thinking up all kinds of stuff that I can do. Decorating the apartment was a starter. New couch, new lamp. Yesterday, I dragged a shelf from Lund back home. That was a 3h round trip, for something that normally takes 1h. It’s what happens when I insist of doing things myself. Stupid, I know.

So a little recap of what’s been going on. During the Dutchman’s vacation, we went to Småland to visit friends. I normally have a great time when we’re there, but this time so many things felt off, that it felt kind of awkward to be away. I’ve never been that homesick ever. That passed the second we stepped into our front door. Zoe had a blast, though. We went to this waterpark (overpriced and boring af for adults), and she surprised us by being bolder than ever. She’s normally very cautious over new things, but this time, she dove right in as if water was her second home. Taking after her mom, I think ;)

The following weeks were just me trying to get my streaming overlay done. Yes, I’ve started a stream where I live stream games I play. It’s so much fun, but I feel like my designs need improvement so I put aside a lot of time getting that fixed. I’m close now, and I only need to fix my sound as I can’t hear my games in my earphones. Very important part, because I missed my first donation since my notifications didn’t play in my ears (Indi, if you read this, I’m still sorry I missed you).

The overlay design had me so busy, I completely forgot about my thesis. I jumped right at it again when I realised it’s been so long. The first thing that happens is that none of my programs would start, and when they did, they annoyed me like they did 6 weeks ago. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong, I just have to find it. I thought taking a break would make me see potential mistakes easier, but my mind is still where it left off. I still try to write, as I don’t want to disappoint my supervisor. He’s so patient and competent, it’d be a shame if I didn’t deliver. I know I overachieve, but there are so many people that see so much in me (that I, myself, fail to see), that makes me try harder.

Lately, I’ve been feeling a lot. As in more than usual. I’m a very empathetic person, but I’m not a cryer. Up until recently, I could read sobstories, watch the saddest movies and see sad things without even tearing up. Now I read a little sad piece and I’m all over the place. I don’t know what’s happening, haha. It’s like being in puberty again. And no, I’m not prego :D

Anyway, I’ve caught up to a few shows that I follow, and I still have a few books and stuff to read. Time is not enough right now. I also need to plan a few things for Frank when he comes to visit. I apologise in advance for the following sentence written in caps lock. MY BEST FRIEND FROM LA IS COMING TO VISIT IN SEPTEMBER, OH MY GOD.

Also, Zoe called me her best friend today. Combine that with the exhaustion from yesterday, I am completely incapacitated haha. I spent the first hours of today just lying on the couch, trying to wake up. Maybe it’s 18 months of stress catching up to me. This calls for a bubble bath.

Until next time, be safe <3

//c_Cae; not artistic enough to design an overlay, but it’s still fun